What Does An Air Compressor Do? All You Need To Know

In daily life, you can easily encounter the image of a car pump, or industries that require considerable gas pressure such as assembly. And, air compressor is a tool used in such jobs.

Thus, what does an air compressor do? How does it work? Follow our article below for the perfect answer.

What Is An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a device that functions to increase gas pressure and can convert electrical energy into kinetic energy by using compressed air. It works under two operations of compressing and transmitting.

There are two types of conventional air compressors, namely piston compressors and screw air compressors.

How Does An Air Compressor Work?

Air compressors draw air from the outside environment and store it in a vapor tank. Thus, the air pressure in the tank is tremendous.

From the vapor, the air will be distributed to various tools such as air guns to blow dust or water, or to machines with rotating parts such as screw machines, drills, routers, and more.

What Does An Air Compressor Do?

Air compressors are important equipment in many industrial and commercial systems. Therefore, to know exactly “What is the use of air compressor?”, keep reading this article.

What Is The Application Of Piston Air Compressors?

To Maintain Cars And Motorcycles

Air compressors are popular from small-scale car repair shops to large-scale car garages to supply compressed air for pumping tires and blowing dust on cars.

Using air compressors to repair cars
Using air compressors to repair cars

In addition, when combined with specialized tools such as air guns, elevators, pneumatic drills, and more, it also ensures the efficiency of tasks such as opening screws, disassembling or assembling car components, support systems, and spray paint.

With these applications, car repair and maintenance becomes simpler, more convenient, and labor productivity is also higher.

To Clear The Sewer

Congestion is always the obsession of many people. If using manual methods to dig or chisel, the worker will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Using air compressors to clear the sewer
Using air compressors to clear the sewer

However, nowadays, with the use of high pressure of compressed air to knock away all obstructions such as garbage, air compressors make the sewer drainage becomes more straightforward, lighter, and faster.

Therefore, using an air compressor to clear the sewer or a toilet is the best solution that is widely used in modern life today.

What Do Rotary Screw Air Compressors Do?

Screw air compressors are widely used and replaced piston compressors in jobs requiring high-pressure air. Here are some typical applications of this machine in today’s life.

In The Mining Industry

The mining environment is very harsh and dangerous, with low levels of OXY, making it impossible for humans to work for a long time.

Therefore, the use of oil-free screw compressors in mining has become a necessary need to provide clean air for workers in the mines and to serve the working process effectively.

Besides, the energy generated from compressed air also helps to explore the depth of mineral mines, serving the exploitation effectively.

In The Food Industry

In the food industry, air compressors are widely used in many applications such as to ferment food, to stir the liquids, to clean the devices with a nozzle, to transport materials on a conveyor belt.

In addition, people use the compressed air to dehydrate food, to smoke, to transport liquid materials, to classify coffee, to vacuum for processed food. Because the food industry has very high requirements on the purity of compressed air, people often use oil-free screw air compressors from reputable brands.

In The Electronics Industry

People use the source of compressed air power to support the production of electronic components and component assembly processes.

Besides, manufacturing industries often use compressed air to control automation equipment such as metal cutters (aluminum, iron, steel).

In addition, it can be used to clean dirt and produce vacuum packaging to extend the life of the product. Air compressors help remove dirt and clean the smallest gaps without abrasion or scratching the surface of components.

In The Medical Field

Health and food are areas directly related to human health, so the compressed air source used to provide equipment and tools in this field must be clean, oil-free, and odorless to ensure safety for human health.

Therefore, oil-free screw air compressors are the first choice when it comes to applications in this industry. It can provide steam for tooth drilling machines, dental sprayers, respirators, and more.

In The Construction Industry

In the construction industry, oil-injected screw air compressors are used in transportation, concrete spraying, or ventilation. It also works with other tools like drilling machines to boreholes and walls.

Final Words

We hope that through this article, you will know the answer to the question “What does an air compressor do?” and what applications it has in daily life.

Currently, there are many types of air compressors with different capacities. For the device to give the best performance, you need to choose the product line that suits your requirements and uses.

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