Welder Truck Bed Accessories

welder truck bed

Welder truck beds come in many shapes and sizes. It can be fully customized to meet the customers’ requirements. With the help of 3D rendering, the customer can create a unique design. They can also customize the design to match the truck’s interior. This makes the welder truck bed the best option for the needs of a specific job.

Cargo gliders

CargoGlide truck bed gliders make loading and unloading tools and equipment easy. These truck bed slides are made of industrial-grade marine plywood and feature heavy-duty bearings to ensure smooth operation. A single-handed latch allows for easy opening and closing. This truck bed glider is designed for use with heavy equipment such as welders.

The Mega Utility Glider is a great choice if you need to transport a lot of tools. It has a 52-liter capacity and can carry up to 92 lbs (42 kg). The frame is made of heavy-duty RAM-X, and comes with a pull rope to transport and side ropes for attaching cargo. It also features a low-friction surface and a grooved bottom for straight-line performance.

Headache rack

If you drive a welding truck, you may want to consider adding a truck bed headache rack to protect your cargo. These racks tie down cargo and protect the cab of your truck, and also help you carry long items with ease. Most headache racks are made of sturdy steel, although you can also find aluminum ones. Steel racks are more durable, and may even help you get a bit more mileage out of your truck.

Headache racks are a great way to save money on storage space and get a better look for your truck. These accessories are made of steel or aluminum and can be installed on the truck bed rails behind the cab. They’re also convenient because they hold your heavy objects upright and give your truck a more upscale look.

A welding truck bed also needs to have a place to store welding bottles and cylinders. These bottles and cylinders can cause problems for the welding process. A headache rack can prevent this problem by protecting the welding worker from falling debris. Additionally, headache racks can help protect the welding truck itself if an accident occurs.

If you’re a welder, it’s also essential to protect yourself. A truck bed headache rack can save you a lot of trouble, and can help you save money on gas. Not only will your truck look better, but it will also protect you from falling debris and injuries.

Bottle rack

If you are a welder, you probably need to store bottles and cylinders in the bed of your truck. Unfortunately, throwing these items into the bed of your truck without a rack could cause significant damage. Fortunately, there are many ways to install a bottle rack in your truck bed.

A welder truck bed bottle rack can be purchased with a few features. First, welding bottles must be stored upright. However, bottles containing oxygen and Argon can be stored on their side. The rack can also include a headache rack, a protective framework around the truck bed. Like a roll cage, it helps to protect the welding truck and the worker from falling debris.

Welder truck bed bottle racks are designed to hold the bottles upright, so that they do not interfere with the welding process. Some welder truck bed bottle racks have chains and straps to hold the bottles securely. Some models even have a storage compartment for extra bottles, which can be useful if the truck has to carry more gas than usual.

A welder truck bed bottle rack can also be made of spools, which are made of tube steel or flat bar. This can be easily mounted on tool boxes and storage containers. Some welder trucks also have a double rack that is used for shielding gas.

Buggy whip

A Welder truck bed buggy whip is a critical piece of safety equipment for the truck driver. It helps warn other road users of the truck’s location and is necessary for heavy duty work vehicles. The whip is quick-release and is made with a special mounting system that works with Buggy Whip brand QRL03 hair pin style whip mounts. This system is secured with a bolt to the truck bed and has only one power wire, with a tab that serves as a grounding system.

Hooks and bars

Welded-on hooks and bars offer additional strength and support to the truck bed. They also provide easy access to the rear of the truck. Welded-on bars also provide an extra layer of support for heavy objects. Hooks and bars can be attached to specific areas of the truck bed, such as the tailgate.

A welding truck bed can be customized to meet the needs of a welder. Many features are included, such as heavy duty ratchet straps, cylinder supports, and handle bars. Some also have double twist chains and hose hooks. Other features can include welding rod holders, concealed angle legs, pneumatic wheels, and fire barriers.

You can also install additional anchors by drilling holes in the bed’s sheet metal. Some manufacturers also provide extra ports without D-rings. To install these additional ports, pop off the plastic panel that covers the hole. Once in place, install D-rings from Intercon Enterprises. This way, you can install hooks and bars without the need to weld on the D-rings and cut the bed metal.

3/16″ deck

A 3/16″ deck is the ideal choice for welding truck beds. This feature allows you to haul heavy items, such as welding machines, without compromising on your truck’s weight capacity. In addition, it allows you to easily store a welding machine in the truck bed and provides a stable platform for the welder. Its lower tray allows you to easily adjust the height of the handle, allowing you to maneuver it with ease.

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