Three Reasons to Buy a Line Welder

If you’re looking for a line welder, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed three of the most popular models, including the Fast&Strong, Pro Elite, and Tauten. Each one has a different set of benefits and is ideal for different fishing situations. Before you purchase one, however, you should consider its price, features, and ease of use. This will help you to decide whether it’s worth the money or not.

Tauten Precision Lien Cutter – Pro Elite model

The Tauten Precision Lien Cutter – Line Welder has an innovative injection system that creates a polymer sleeve that fits around the ends of your line. It is quick to use and is ready for fishing in just 35 seconds. Unlike traditional knotters, this machine is user-friendly for fishermen of all skill levels and ages. The blade is made of carbide to ensure clean, fast cuts with no tangling or knotting. It has been tested for 5,000 cuts and is available in stainless-steel or nylon.

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Tauten Precision Lien Cutter

A handheld battery operated line welder is a great tool for tying off mono and fluorocarbon fishing lines. The tool creates a welded loop between two lines within seconds and doesn’t leave a tag end behind. The result is a strong bond that will stand up to abuse better than traditional knots.

The pro Elite model of the Tauten Precision Lien Cutter line weling tool retails for $119. It is also designed to cut braided superline. It does not require any special cleaning after it has welded. Most anglers would probably not spend the time to clean the welded line before using the tool.

Using the Tauten Precision Lien Cutter line weling tool is easy. It bonds fishing lines in just 35 seconds. To use it, you will need an alcohol pad and some line to bond. Once you’ve got your line ready, you can press the “GO” button to begin bonding your fishing lines.


The Fast&Strong line welder is designed to save you time fishing, with the added benefit of eliminating knots on your line. The device works by injecting polymer material into the line ends and molding them into a seamless sleeve. The unit is lightweight and compact, and the use of the tool is quick and easy. It works with most types of fishing line, and can be used to join two lines at once.

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Tauten Precision Lien Cutter Starter Kit

Regardless of the type of line that you use, the Tauten Precision LineCutter can cut through it with ease. This tool features a hand-lapped carbide cutting blade that cuts through even the toughest line without fraying. It is also safe enough to carry in your pocket or strap to your belt. This tool is a must-have in any fisherman’s tacklebox.

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