How Does Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Work?

If you have done some welding projects or seen welders working, you can see that a welding helmet is always needed to protect the welder from the dazzling sparks. However, most modern welders do not use traditional helmets anymore but replace them with convenient auto-darkening welding helmet instead.

So How does auto-darkening welding helmet work? Why are they so effective in welding and some other jobs?

Let’s find out the secret in this article!

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The Best Guide on How to Test Auto-darkening Welding Helmet?

How to Test Auto-darkening Welding Helmet

We all know that the function of auto-darkening welding helmet is protecting our eyes from the harmful rays generated in the welding process. However, there are many low-quality kinds of auto-darkening welding helmets, which not only wastes your money but also poses many risks for your health.

To avoid these troubles, find out how to test auto-darkening welding helmet both before purchasing them and after.

The most crucial piece of safety gear for welding is an auto-darkening welding helmet. It switches from light to dark automatically.

But because of this, it’s essential to understand how to test your auto-darkening welding helmet.

It’s important to check your auto-darkening helmet is functioning before you hit an arc because if it isn’t, you might feel eye fatigue or welders flash that could harm your eyes.

There are four quick and simple ways to check the lens in your auto-darkening welding helmet, thankfully. Let’s look at it!

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