POWERCRAFT 250C, Invertec V155S, V160-T Inverter Welders

lincoln inverter welder

If you are considering purchasing a new inverter welder, there are a number of different options available. This article will discuss the POWERCRAFT 250C, Invertec V155-S, and POWERCRAFT V160-T models. You should consider the amount of input current that your welding requirements will require. You also should take into account how long you will need the extension leads to be. In many cases, a long extension lead can pose a safety hazard.


The POWERCRAFT(r) 250C is a 3 in 1 TIG and stick welder designed for light to medium duty applications. It’s a great choice for contractors, hobbyists, and maintenance workers. Its easy-to-use controls include a weld procedure guide, voltage settings, and wire feed speed.

Invertec(r) V155-S

The Lincoln Invertec(r) V155S inverter welder is a versatile, professional and rugged machine. It is equipped with multiple features and is priced to be affordable. It has a 30-Amp 230VAC plug, and is portable, affordable and multi-process.

Inverter welders work by converting high voltage primary power to low voltage high amperage DC power. They use a transformer, which is a coil of hundreds of turns of copper wire. The size of the transformer depends on the voltage applied, the number of wires, and the cross sectional area of the core. The frequency of the primary power also affects the transformer’s size. A higher frequency of the primary power reduces the transformer’s size and weight.

Inverter welders feature multiple process outputs for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They are designed to provide constant current for stick welding, DC TIG, flux cored welding, and gouging. Using a single primary connection, you can easily switch between different processes, which can save you time and money. Inverter welders also have multiple processes that can be regulated and controlled with the push of a button.

Welders are heavy and need a high-quality AC power supply. A transformer-based arc welder can last for years, and has good duty cycles. But if you want to move around a lot, a DC inverter welder is a better option. Besides, the price is more reasonable. You can get a good quality inverter welder for less than PS1000.

The Lincoln Invertec(r) V155S inverter welder has a unique feature that helps you avoid electrode damage. The auto Adaptive Arc Force function kicks in automatically if the welding process stops. This function ensures the safety and quality of welding.


The Lincoln Invertec V160-T DC TIG/Stick welder is a rugged and compact high-performance DC TIG/Stick weld machine for alloy fabrication, process piping, and critical maintenance work. Weighing just 24 pounds, it automatically connects to a 120V or 230V service and features easy-to-follow torch connections for quick changes between TIG and Stick welding.