Pearl Snap on Welder Shirts

If you work as a welder, you need to wear welding sleeves to protect your clothes from the heat. These sleeves can be worn over any type of garment. This will also help your clothing last longer. These sleeves come in several colors and will help you match your attire. They are available in different sizes to fit any type of welder.

Product details

The KEY Apparel Welder’s Long Sleeve Western Shirt will keep you safe and fashionable. This long sleeve work shirt is designed in the typical Western style and includes heavyweight cotton with triple needle sewing. The shirt has a relaxed fit for extra comfort and is suitable for both work and play.

Relaxed Fit 100% Cotton, 9 oz Fabric

Pearl Snap Front Closure / Snap Closure at Neck Two Chest Pockets with Snap Closure / Left with Pencil Slot
Front and Back Western Yokes Banded Collar Pearl Snap Cuff Closure

Key men’s 519 24 Long-Sleeve Western Shirt features

This Key men’s 519 24 Long-sleeve Western Shirt offers breathable comfort with a professional polish. This lightweight 9-ounce cotton shirt features pearl snaps on the front and chest pockets. This shirt also features a pencil stall in the chest pocket.

Key’s welder shirt is an ideal western shirt for cowboys and cowgirls. It features a seven-snap closure, a banded collar, three snaps on the cuff, and snap-on sleeve vents. Pearl snaps are used on the welder shirt to keep it fastened, but without making it feel bulky. The welder shirt is comfortable and offers plenty of coverage and protection.

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Key features of LAPCO FR welding shirts

LAPCO FR pearl snap on welding shirt offers welders the best of both worlds: it offers the durability, protection and compliance that a welding shirt needs. Designed with welders in mind, these shirts feature double-needle stitching for durability and protection, a white pearl snap, and an easy-care material for ease of maintenance.

These shirts are constructed from 100 percent flame resistant cotton twill. They also have an integrated Moisture Management treatment that helps keep the shirt cool, dry, and breathable. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles. For example, they are available in pearl snap button shirts, camouflage button-ups, and other options. This FR workwear is HRC 2 ARC certified, and is available in several sizes.

This shirt is comfortable and lightweight. It is also anti-mildew and anti-static. It has a collar that flips up for enhanced neck protection. The collar is made of metal snaps for secure closure, and the layered construction offers great breathability.

These flame resistant shirts are available in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as black. It is made of seven ounce cotton and is available in brown and black colors. It is also available in a “long” option. Unlike the shirts made from a cotton blend, it features pearl snap fasteners. It is made to meet the requirements of ASTM 1506 for flame resistance, and is approved for use in many industrial shops, including the ones regulated by OSHA.

FR jeans are designed to fit all women, and are available in a modern, comfortable fit. The FR jeans feature high diamond backs and adjustable suspenders for added comfort and security. They also have multiple utility pockets. In addition, they have reinforced patch pockets on the bib and slash pockets.

Best Shirt for Welding – Long Sleeve & Fire Resistant

Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK PR Cotton Welding Shirt

The Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK FR Flame Resistant Cotton Work Shirt is available in a broader variety of sizes than other shirts. It is composed of 7 ounce cloth and is available in brown or gray. It’s made of 100 percent cotton and is flame resistant. It has an extra-long tail to keep it tucked in.

Because it is lighter than other shirts, it breathes better than most, making it an excellent choice for the summer. The Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK FR Flame Resistant Cotton Work Shirt satisfies ASTM 1506 flame resistance standards, making it suitable for usage in many workplaces governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as well as customary safety regulations in many industrial workplaces.

Lincoln Electric Flame Resistant Welding Shirt

The Lincoln Electric K3113 FR Welding Shirt is one of the most popular garments seen on welders. It’s constructed of 100% FR cotton and weighs 9 ounces. It has metal fasteners throughout, including a double button fastening on the sleeve cuffs. The breast pockets are spacious and have good-sized flaps with metal snap closures.

This shirt has additional reinforcing for added durability. The shoulders, neck, sleeve cuffs, and collar of the Lincoln Electric K3113 FR Welding Shirt are strengthened. Each of these places has multilayer construction for increased protection and durability. This provides strength where it is most required while also allowing for decent ventilation in the main torso area, where you need to keep cool.

In addition to the flame resistant treatment, the Lincoln Electric K3113 FR Welding Shirt has anti-mildew and anti-static treatments. When needed, the collar may be flipped up to provide additional neck protection. This shirt will shrink when washed for the first time, so keep that in mind when deciding on a size. The tail on the larger sizes is longer to improve overall fit.

Carhartt Flame Resistant Lightweight Welding Shirt

The Carhartt FRS003 Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt is a lightweight, breathable shirt made of 6 ounce twill fabric that is ideal for summer wear. While no shirt can keep you cool while welding in the heat, this one will keep you comfortable. It includes an anti-odor treatment to keep it fresh, and it’s machine washable, making it simple to care for. This fabric also has Carhartt’s “Work-Dry” moisture wicking technology.

The ATPV rating of the Carhartt FRS003 Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt is 8.7, which is an excellent rating for a 6 ounce fabric. This is due to the use of an 88 percent cotton, 12 percent nylon blend rather than a plain cotton fabric.

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Wrangler Riggs Workwear FR Long Sleeve Welding Shirt

The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Flame Resistant Long Sleeve welding shirt is a staple garment found in all types of industry workplaces. This shirt is made entirely of cotton. The ATPV (Arc Thermal Protection Value) is 9.2 calories per square centimeter. It’s made with Nomex thread and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Wrangler shirts are well-known for their excellent fit. The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Flame Resistant Long Sleeve welding shirt has button closures, which are normally more secure than snaps in the case of a snag, but the downside is that these buttons are plastic rather than leather, wood, shell, or other non-melting material.

Buyer’s Guide

Welding shirts have a unique duty in the armory of personal protective equipment.

FR is an abbreviation for “fire resistant” or “flame resistant,” not “fireproof.”

These thin fabrics can still catch fire, but they resist catching fire for a longer period of time, allowing you to get to safety or remove the garment in time to avoid or minimize injuries.

When looking for a nice welding shirt, keep the following in mind:

Workplace Safety Standards

Certain criteria have been set by governments, insurance firms, and major organizations to make it simpler to promptly ensure that people and their workplaces are reasonably safe.

  • ATPV Rating: ATPV is an abbreviation for Arc Thermal Protection Value, and it is measured in calories of heat withstood per square centimeter for 2 seconds. For example, an ATPV of 6 indicates that a shirt can withstand a heat intensity of 6 calories/square centimeter for 2 seconds IN THE LABORATORY. In the workplace, this period of time might be longer or shorter. The goal is to afford you enough time to detect anything is wrong and take action to eliminate the threat.
  • ASTM 1506: The American Safety Testing and Materials Society establishes various standards for electrical resistance and fire safety in workplace clothes and equipment. ASTM 1506 specifies the HRC or Hazard Resistance Category for certain workplace problems and lays out the ATPV criteria.
  • FR: This is the flame resistant HRC category, and you want clothing with an HRC value of 2. Shirts with a plainly sewn-in “FR” tag meet the criteria. To satisfy this criteria, shirts must withstand flame for 2 seconds, limit charring to a six-inch length, and maintain these standards for over 25 consecutive washes.

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