Miller AC DC Welder – Multimatic 220 AC/DC

The Multimatic 220 AC/DC is a versatile, powerful, and portable welding machine. Its fast-switching processes and high-quality arcs make it ideal for many welding applications. It is powered by a 120 or 240 volt power source and is extremely easy to use.

907757 Miller MultimaticTM 220 AC/DC

A real multi-process welder, the Miller MultimaticTM 220 AC/DC can do AC (aluminum) TIG welding. Up to 230 amps of MIG welding power and up to 210 amps of TIG welding output are produced by the Multimatic 220 AC/DC. Miller® MDXTM-100 MIG welding gun, WeldcraftTM 150 amp TIG torch with accessories, remote foot control, two argon flow regulators with hoses, stick electrode holder, and ground clamp make up the whole portable MIG, Stick, and AC/DC TIG welding equipment.

Miller’s Auto-SetTM Elite and a color LCD screen are included as standard features with the MultimaticTM 220 AC/DC. You only need to enter the metal thickness and welding wire or tungsten electrode diameter for Auto-SetTM Elite to automatically establish the MIG, Stick, and TIG welding settings. You may manually adjust the weld parameters to fit your own tastes. The patented multi-voltage plug (MVPTM) from Miller allows the 220 AC/DC to operate on either 120 volt or 240 volt input power and weigh only 56 pounds.


Stick, MIG, flux-cored, AC/DC TIG, and multiprocess welding are all possible. Unlike other machines where you need to buy extra accessories, the Multimatic 220 AC/DC comes with everything you need to weld any procedure.
The polarity is automatically determined by QuickTechTM technology. Work is always plugged into the outlet in the lower right corner. Both the MIG gun and the TIG torch can remain attached. The appropriate procedure is switched to automatically. There is no need to manually switch processes; just press the trigger or foot control, and the machine switches. QuickTechTM automatically uses the last process’s parameters.
With the flexibility to fine-tune your settings, Auto-SetTM Elite may be utilized with a variety of materials and procedures. Simple to set up and operate.

Setting weld settings is made easier with Pro-SetTM (TIG and stick manual modes). Simply move the control until the number goes blue and Pro-Set is visible on the display.
Controls the cleaning activity (Pro-Set 75%) is AC Balance (AC TIG).
The width of the arc cone is controlled by AC Frequency (AC TIG) (Pro-Set 120 Hz)

To concentrate the arc for improved stability, penetration, and travel speed, use pulse (DC TIG) (Pro-Set 100 Hz)
Using DIG (Stick) and Pro-Set 30% 7018 electrodes, you may customize arc characteristics for a variety of applications.
The user interface on the intuitive color LCD makes adjusting the parameters quick and simple.


With the help of a multi-voltage plug (MVPTM), you may connect to 120 or 240 V power outlets without the need for any equipment. Simply select the appropriate plug and attach it to the power cable.
Angled wire drive for rapid wire replacements and smooth feeding with Quick SelectTM drive roll.
For dependably smooth, spatter-free MIG starts, use Smooth-StartTM.

There are two shielding gas connectors, allowing both gases to remain connected to the machine without switching. MIG and TIG gas connections are separate.
By only operating when necessary, the Fan-On-DemandTM power source cooling technology lowers noise, energy consumption, and the quantity of pollutants drawn through the machine.

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Model AEAD-200LE

The Miller AC DC Welder Model AEAD 200LE is a high-performance, constant-current AC/DC arc welding generator. This unit is powered by an Onan gas engine and is built on a heavy-duty four-wheel cart. It features 225 welding amps and can be used for arc, TIG, and MIG welding applications.

This Miller AC DC Welder is still in perfect condition, and is a great value. It works great, but needs a new battery. The serial number is JH242114. The unit can be picked up in Kingman, Arizona. Please be sure to inquire only if you’re serious about buying this tool.

225 welding amps

The Multimatic(tm) 220 AC/DC welder features a color LCD screen and Auto-Set(tm) Elite, which sets welding parameters automatically based on the diameter of the tungsten electrode, metal thickness, and weld wire. The unit runs on a 240-volt input power and weighs about 56 pounds.

The Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC welder has a duty cycle of 30%, which allows the operator to produce high-quality aluminum welds. It features an Auto-Link system that automatically links the power source to the primary voltage. It also features Fan-On-Demand technology, which compensates for variations in power source voltage.

The Multimatic 220 AC/DC welder supports multiple welding processes. The machine includes all accessories necessary for both stick and TIG welding. This machine also has a DC pulse option for TIG projects. It automatically switches between processes and remembers the settings used in the last process. Its QuickTech(tm) technology makes switching between processes a breeze.

This versatile multiprocess welder from Miller has a dual-voltage output, so you can use it anywhere. It can perform both AC and DC TIG welding, making it the perfect tool for any work site. The multimatic 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder has 230 amps of MIG output and 210 amps of TIG output. It also includes a stick electrode holder, ground clamp, and two argon flow regulators.

Automatically switches to the right process

With an Auto-Set Elite feature, this Miller ac dc welds automatically to the right process for the job. This system is ideal for welding multiple materials and processes, and eliminates the guesswork in setting the parameters. It is also equipped with an intuitive color LCD user interface, which makes setting up the machine easy. The Multimatic 220 AC/DC is 240-volt-compatible and uses Miller’s exclusive multi-voltage plug to run on multiple voltages.

The Multimatic 220 AC/DC is a true multi-process welder that offers MIG, TIG, and AC (aluminum) welding processes. It has up to 210 amps of MIG output and 230 amps for TIG welding. It comes with a Miller MDX(tm)-100 MIG welding gun, two argon flow regulators, a stick electrode holder, and a ground clamp.

Its design makes it convenient to transport it throughout the shop or field. The EZ-Latch running gear allows it to be disconnected and connected quickly. This makes it easy to work in tight spaces. The multi-process capabilities also make it easy for welders of any skill level to create quality welds.

This welder automatically switches to the right process for the job. Its dual process feature allows you to switch between MIG and TIG welding processes without the need for a separate switch. It also has two shielding gas connections. The Multimatic 220 AC/DC supports TIG and MIG welding processes simultaneously, and it has a smart feature called QuickTech(tm) that automatically remembers the last process settings.

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Recalls last process settings

The Auto-Set Elite feature allows you to switch between processes with ease and fine-tune settings. With a 3.5-inch color LCD display, you can easily identify and adjust settings based on the type of material you’re working on. The Auto-Set Elite also features connection setup images to make connection setup simple and easy.

The Multimatic 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder is a great welder that is designed for ease of setup. It automatically recognizes polarity and switches to the appropriate process when required. This welder will also remember the last process you used and automatically recall those settings.

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