Lincoln TIG Welder Rebate

lincoln tig welder

If you are looking to purchase a new Lincoln TIG welder, you will be pleased to learn that the company has a $1,250 end user manufacturer rebate available for all Lincoln welders. The rebate is valid until June 27, 2022, and you must claim it within 30 days of purchase. To apply for a rebate, visit the Lincoln Electric website and click on Rebate Offer Details.

Squarewave TIG 200

The Square Wave TIG 200 is a stick and TIG portable welding machine with plenty of expansion capabilities. It was designed to grow with you as your welding expertise grows and you need more functions. The unit is lightweight and features a convenient carry handle. It also comes with a stand for easy storage of welding equipment.

This TIG welder is equipped with a built-in digital display. It also has an easy-to-use interface. It has a Pulse feature, which offers a drumbeat-like rhythm for deposition of filler metal. This feature helps you become a better welder faster.

The Lincoln has a 240V AC/DC power supply and an adjustable duty cycle. It also has a gas lens that helps you control the shielding gas layer more precisely. Its torch head is flexible and makes welding easier. The controls are simple to use and the digital display makes it easy to operate.

The Square Wave TIG 200 Lincoln tig welder is perfect for light fabrication, automotive, and educational shops. Its simple design makes it easy to use and provides quality welds, making it a great tool for beginners. It supports AC and DC welds and can weld aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Its precision arc makes it an ideal tool for custom fabrication.

One drawback of the Lincoln welder is that it surges more as the arc starts, making it difficult to avoid scorching on thinner materials. It also doesn’t have the option to vary starting amps, which may pose more of a learning curve for novice welders.

Another drawback of the Square Wave TIG 200 is its weight. The Square Wave TIG 200 weighs 46 pounds and can weld up to 3/16″ aluminum. If you’re a novice in welding and want to try it out at home, you can purchase the Squarewave TIG 200 Lincoln TIG welder at Welders Supply. It’s made by Lincoln Electric, a company with 125 years of experience. This brand offers an elite lineup of welders for hobbyists and professionals.

Precision TIG 225

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 TIG Welder is equipped with the largest operating range in its class. It can operate in the range of 5 to 230 amps. It features Micro-Start II technology to ensure smooth starting and improve arc stability, ensuring precise welds. The machine can be operated using 115V receptacles.

The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 features an easy-to-use interface with a mode button, polarity, and “begin welding” buttons. It also features AC Auto Balance, which automatically adjusts the welding process when welding aluminum. It also includes a TIG pulser, which moderates filler metal deposition and minimizes material distortion.

In addition, the Precision TIG 225 TIG welder comes with a Torch Parts Storage Compartment, a 10-foot work cable, a Torch Hanger, and a GTAW (TIG) Handbook. It also includes a PTA-17 One-Piece TIG Torch.

Another feature of the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 is its variable pulse frequency. Its pulse frequency can be adjusted from 0.1 to 20 pulses per second. Moreover, it has a smaller heat-affected zone and a thinner bead profile. These features make the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 the perfect choice for your welding needs.


Lincoln Electric’s POWER MIG(r) 215 MPi multiprocess welder offers the versatility of MIG, TIG, and DC TIG welding, while also providing the flexibility to weld a variety of materials. The lightweight machine has an ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls. It also features dual input voltages, so you can plug it into either 120 or 230 volts. In addition, it can weld up to three/8-inch steel and 3/16-inch aluminum.

Its push-and-turn digital controls and color display screen make setup and operation quick and easy. It is also durable and features an all-metal wire drive for easy and reliable operation. The angled gun connection increases feedability, while the second gas solenoid fitting allows for spool gun use.

IOC tig

If you are looking for a TIG welder, then you should consider the Lincoln IOC tig welder. This machine is a good choice for people who want to learn the basics of welding. This Lincoln IOC tig welder is easy to use and will give you great results.

It offers five to 230 amps of power and patented Micro-Start II Technology. It is a great choice for vocational schools, general fabrication, and automotive/motorsports applications. This TIG welder also features a TIG Pulser. Lincoln also offers the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 175 Welder, which features fast positive/negative transition time.