Lincoln 255 Mig Welder

lincoln 255 mig welder

If you’re looking for a 255-amp Lincoln mig welder, you’ve come to the right place. This welder is designed to meet your welding needs, from small projects to larger jobs. It features an AC/DC welding output for stick TIG, hand Amptrol(tm), and other MIG and Flux-Cored capable applications. It also features a 6-pin connector for peak AC power starting and a local/remote switch.

Ranker 250 GXT w/EFP

The Lincoln 255 mig welder is an excellent choice for many welding applications. It is suitable for use in construction, farming, and even auto body shops. The tool comes with a host of features, including DC wire-welding capabilities and an electric fuel pump. It also features a 23-horse Kohler engine, which ensures quiet operation and long life.


If you’re looking for a mig welder that’s compact and offers stainless steel and mild steel welds, the Lincoln 255 might be a good choice. The 255 can weld up to 1/2 inch of aluminum with a 230-volt power supply and has an optional pulsed MIG mode to minimize spatter and produce cleaner welds with less burn-through. It’s available with two gas hose connections and dual gauge regulators. The first gauge indicates gas flow in cubic feet per hour while the second gauge displays remaining gas in pounds per square inch.

Another Lincoln mig welder is the Easy MIG 180. This model is easy to use and has a wire feed system that’s easy to set up. Users report few problems with the wire and flux-cored wire, making it an excellent choice for light fabrication shops. The Easy MIG 180 is smaller than the Handler 190 and is well-suited for projects and repair welding.

This model features three drive grooves for wire. Two of these grooves are smooth and one is textured. They are designed to accommodate flux-cored wire with a thickness of 0.030/0.035 inches. This enables the welder to work at lower tensions, which prevents wire deformation. The wire drive mechanism also features a dependable tension control.

Century 255 Flux-Cored/MIG Wire-Feed Welder

The Lincoln 255 flux-cored/Mig wire-feed welder is a fully automatic, semiautomatic, DC arc welding system built to NEMA standards. It combines a constant speed wire feeder with a microcomputer-based controller for reliable, high-performance welding.

This versatile machine is great for welding thin to medium-thick-metal materials. It features a rugged construction and precise drive. It also comes with a complete list of standard accessories. This machine is the perfect choice for small farm projects, light fabrication, and home projects.

The Century 255 Flux-Cored/MIG wire-feed welder is a handy, professional-grade tool for hobbyists and DIYers. It welds up to three-quarter inch thick steel and up to 18 ga. sheet metal with a single pass. The Lincoln 255 Flux-Core/MIG wire-feed welder comes with everything you need to start welding right away. It comes with a gun and cable assembly, a work lead and clamp, and an adjustable gas regulator.

The Lincoln 255 flux-cored/Mig wire-feed welder is designed for use in small shops or at home. It comes with a 10-pound spool of Innershield(r) fluxcored wire and an electronic microcomputer-based controller for reliable welding.