Jewelry Pulse Arc Welder

jewelry pulse arc welder

Jewelry pulse arc welders are not just for high-end jewelry. They’re also a great tool for small shops. They’re more affordable than old-fashioned soldering, and they make the job much faster than traditional methods. Bob Lynn, owner of Lynn’s Jewelry in Ventura, California, uses one in his business. He says it partially anneals the earring post, so it bends easier right above the weld.

Orion 150s

Orion 150s jewelry pulse arc wetters boast 150 joules of pulse arc weld energy and are an excellent choice for jewelry makers and jewelers with low power requirements. They can be adjusted in 0.2-joule increments for maximum flexibility. An integrated microscope holder ensures a proper working position and reduces the need to adjust the workstation. The machine is built to meet the highest quality standards.

The Orion 150s jewelry pulse arc wetter offers a versatile welding system at an affordable price. Its Canadian Agent, Lacy, offers a full line of service parts and training to help jewelers get the most out of their new tool. This jewelry pulse arc welder can help jewelers increase their profits and save time by allowing them to focus on their creativity.

The Orion 150s is the latest addition to the Orion line of pulse-arc welders. It features a large touchscreen interface to streamline your work and save time. It also has a variety of features, including high-frequency agitation for additional penetration and adaptive weld ignition for extended electrode life. It’s also equipped with fully-upgradable software and customizable save settings.

Mini Pulse III

The Mini Pulse III jewelry pulse arc welding machine features a foot-pedal-activated system and a ceramic collar shielding the electrode. The electrode is recessed and measures between 1.58 mm and 3.23 mm in diameter. This design makes it difficult to work in tight areas and requires a certain amount of precision. Some users grind down the ceramic collar to make it longer or wider so they can reach more difficult areas.

The technology behind arc welders has come a long way, and they are now much easier to use. They are also a great investment for small businesses, as the cost has declined significantly. If you’re looking to start a new business or expand your current operation, a pulse arc welder is a great way to get started. However, you’ll need to consider the layout of your studio before investing in one.

The Mini Pulse III jewelry pulse arc welding machine uses pulse-arc technology, which means that the arc is generated by a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The arc then passes through the filler material. The arc also occurs under an argon shielding gas, which reduces oxidation and facilitates a smooth transfer of the filler material.

A Mini Pulse III jewelry pulse arc welding machine is a versatile and convenient tool for jewelers. It can be used for a variety of jobs. In addition to working on delicate jewelry and fine jewelry, the Mini Pulse III can be used for other tasks, such as repairing watches. It can be stored in a small box and is easy to use.

Another advantage of the Mini Pulse III is that it is safe for jewelry, including freshwater pearls. The instantaneous energy used during welding does not harm the pearls. You can even weld cultured pearls while wearing them. You must ensure that you clean the equipment afterward.

The Mini Pulse III jewelry pulse arc welding machine is a compact powerhouse that works with most types of metal. The welder has a small footprint and a 30-watt power capability. It is easy to store and will save you space. It is compatible with many different metals, including titanium.

The Orion i Series (200i) welding systems are packed with features to simplify the process. It provides the most power options and features. Its most advanced features will allow you to select the most precise power settings for the welds. It will also automatically adjust the weld timing to match the electrode pressure. This feature will result in a more consistent weld from one user to another.

Orion 200i2

The Orion 200i jewelry pulse arc welder has a user interface that displays presets for various metals and applications. The Arc control tab lets you customize weld settings with just a touch. This feature enables you to quickly adjust weld settings such as the waveform, weld energy, pulse time, and agitation. The interface also allows you to control ignition options.

Touch Detect weld activation is recommended for Tack and pulse arc modes. To activate the weld, you simply touch the electrode to the piece. This eliminates the need to constantly look for the foot pedal and allows you greater precision. This feature also helps avoid welding on sides or grooves.

Orion jewelry pulse arc welders have advanced features to help you repair your delicate jewelry. This means you can re-tippe the prongs without taking out the stones, and you can weld heads to shanks without a messy clean-up. This welder can also be used to repair platinum rings.

The Orion 200i features a touchscreen user interface and an all-in-one head unit. It provides more customization and advanced control of the welding process. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price. The Orion 200i offers touch-control dial and number pad options, and it can handle welds from 0.01 joules to 200 joules.

The Orion 200i2 has a Pico weld mode, which uses a low amount of energy to create microscopic weld joints. You can also choose a more powerful energy setting up to 200 joules. This jewelry pulse arc welder also features a user-selectable wave form. The Classic Orion wave form is ideal for fusion welds, while the Micro wave form is ideal for smaller pieces.

Another great feature of this jewelry pulse arc welder is the high frequency agitation that gives the weld an added amount of penetration. This feature allows for precise weld ignition and extended electrode life. In addition, the system has a fast and single mode for faster welding. It can produce five welds per second and is made with the highest quality standards.

The Sunstone Orion is a small, 30″ tall tank, and fits under most workbenches. Its design allows it to butt weld delicate gemstones while still maintaining heightened heat containment. It can also be used to restore precious metals and seal pores. The tank’s steel safety cap ensures safety.