How To Wash Your Welding Gloves?

How To Wash Your Welding Gloves

Welding glove is a personal protective equipment that helps minimize the hazards of welding. And it can be easily understood that the question of how to clean the welding gloves always arises when they become dirty.

Yet, the answer is not quite easy to set out as it also depends on the material the gloves are made of. Don’t worry! We are here to help you set clear guidelines on how to wash the welding gloves properly.

How To Wash Welding Gloves (Steps by Steps)?

Step 1: Check Your Materials

As I mentioned above, before getting down on cleaning the welding glove, you need to beware of the materials they are made of.

There is a wide range of materials used to make welding gloves. That’s why you find many different instructions how to clean them. Here are the top 3 most popular types that you may want to know:

  • TIG welding gloves aim to protect your hand to the fullest. Together with the sensitivity of right finger, these gloves certainly meet the demand of many welders. Normally, they are made of the hide of a goat, pig or a cow.
  • MIG welding gloves with some dexterity in mind and a full protection. When searching on google, you will most likely figure out that these gloves are made of deer, cow or pig skin.
  • Stick welding gloves are made of the most sturdy kind of things. However, you can come across some stick welding gloves made of deer or cowhides.
Stick Welding Gloves
Stick Welding Gloves

Step 2: Find Out The Guidelines From Manufacturers

Welding gloves usually come with their own instructions. These instructions will tell you exactly how to wash and clean these types of gloves.

You have to follow these instructions closely so as not to damage your gloves or unintentionally wash out flame retardant properties. Therefore, when you go buy the pair, you should make sure that you get the recommendations from the manufacturer clearly.

For example, you should wash leather gloves in cold water and saddle soap, then lay them out flat to dry.

Otherwise, if the guidelines are not on the packaging, you’d better call and ask for their advice.

Useful Tips To Clean Your Welding Gloves

You can see that the main material that the manufacturers often use to make the welding gloves is hide or leather from goat, pig, etc-

Therefore, to answer the question of how to wash your welding gloves, you should know how to clean the leather gloves properly. Here are some tips from other welders that they have discussed in a forum!

  1. Do not add oil to wash something in contact with flames and temps.
  2. After washing, you should wear them until they dry. By this way, welding gloves will fit your hand better.
  3. Bacon grease or any petroleum products like used motor oil, diesel are not recommended to wash your gloves that are exposed to flames.
Welder is protected by gloves 
Welder is protected by gloves

Last Words

This guide on how to wash your welding gloves is easy to follow, right?

Well, when you decide to get your welding gloves washed, you’d better check out their materials as well as some recommendations from the manufacturers. If they get pretty stiff, I’d like to suggest you get a new pair to have full protection.

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