How To Use Drill Press Vise Quickly And Easily?

How To Use Drill Press Vise

If you like making DIY furniture in your home or workshop, this is the essential tool. The drill press vise is a necessary device for mechanical processing in workshops and at home because it can help users to make single or small parts of wood and metal efficiently and accurately.

You can use a drill press vise with a drill machine to clamp the workpiece and help it stand still in the required position when the drill penetrates the surface of the material. Thanks to the flat base with mounting holes, you can fix the vise to the drill table.

Although there are several different types of drill press vise, you can use them all in the same way. So how to use drill press vise quickly and effectively?

Here are some basic steps for you to follow:


2 Steps To Install The Drill Press Vise

Determine The Vise Position

If you are not using a rotary table, you need to determine where you place the vise on the drill table. You consider the materials you use, such as wood or metal, and how you need to keep them in place.

Place And Secure The Vise

Then you need to place the vise on the surface of working. Remember to put it in a way that the mounting holes are aligned with the drill holes on the drill table.

To secure the vise, you need four to six bolts. Make sure to choose the ones to fit your vise. The trick here is when you install the bolts, and you need to tighten them to prevent the vise from moving.

After you set everything up, you should check the drill press vise to make sure it works correctly and adequately. We will show you how to do it right now.


A Step-by-step Guide on How To Use Drill Press Vise?

Mark The Point Of Drill

First, you mark where you want to drill on the workpiece. The trick to creating an accurate center drill point is that you draw an X on the surface you want to drill and where the two lines meet are the right drill point.

Open The Vise Jaws

Next, you should turn the handle in a counter-clockwise way to open the jaws of the drill press vise.

Position The Material Workpiece

Now you take and put the object you work with into the vise jaws. To drill an even hole, do not place the workpiece at an angle. It would help if you choose a suitable position for the workpiece on the vise.

Close The Vise Jaws

Then, you secure the workpiece in place by turning the handle clockwise to tighten the jaws. Make sure that the object can not slip out of position.

Conduct Drilling

Lastly, you need to align the drill machine with the marked point on the object to ensure accuracy when drilling. When you are sure everything is in place, please turn on the drill and lower it slowly until it comes in contact with the clamped object. As such, you can conduct drilling safely and accurately.

Final Words

We hope you will make many great DIYs by knowing how to use drill press vise. After using this tool, you need to clean it to slow down the oxidation process and ensure the best product life and highest performance. The simple way is to hold a small, soft brush to clean and regularly oil the dry tool parts.

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