The Complete Guide To How To Use A Wet Saw To Cut Tile?

Wet saws are an efficient and fast solution for cutting tile. Its only drawback is being expensive but you can hire one for a very affordable price. Moreover, if you know how to use a wet saw to cut tile in the right way, even your largest project will be done smoothly.

Therefore, we introduce you to this guide so that you can use it the most productively. Let’s take a look!

How Does A Wet Saw Work? 

Wet saws can easily cut through tough objects like tiles because their blades are coated with diamond. While the rapid blade movement cuts into your tile, a guide keeps it in place. They are what make a wet saw’s cut extremely straight and smooth.

Wet saw’s blade is coated with diamonds.
Wet saw’s blade is coated with diamonds.

Besides, it has a pump to spray water on the blade. That water prevents the blade from getting too hot and burnt.

A wet saw’s design is not complicated but each component has its important role. Consequently, we need to understand and prepare them properly for better operation.

How To Use A Wet Saw To Cut Tile?

  • Preparing for tile cutting:

The first thing in the wet saw prepping is choosing a large, open space to place the saw. As the water is sprayed constantly during the cutting process, the surrounding can get quite messy. Therefore, a small, cramped room is a bad idea. A place where unwanted objects can drop into the blade is also not ideal for the work.

Cutting tiles by a wet saw can be quite messy.
Cutting tiles by a wet saw can be quite messy.

Secondly, you should make sure everything is in position. The saw should stay on a balanced, sturdy surface. Besides, it is essential to make sure the water has constant flow by checking the tap. Other things need checking are the guide’s lock and the blade.

Finally, you should put on goggle glasses and gloves for your protection. Now, you are ready for the main steps of cutting the perfect tiles.

  • Basic steps to cut tile using a wet saw

To cut the perfect tiles, of course, you need to know exactly how they should come out to be. Therefore, you should mark the tile with your desired shape. After that, you can use the guide lock to arrange and attach the tile into a suitable position on the saw.

Do not forget to measure your tiles carefully!
Do not forget to measure your tiles carefully!

When the tile is locked and ready, you can turn on the saw. Keep your hands on each end of the tile and slowly push it toward the saw. The pressure put on each side should be equal and not too hard.

It is also advised that you should not push it too hard or too quickly. If you hear it blogging down, that means you are doing it too fast. It is best to relax, slow down, and let the blade do it job. After some time, you will learn how to go with the flow and it will be easier.

Be patient and you will be pro soon enough.
Be patient and you will be pro soon enough.

After your tile is cut, turn off the blade and wait for it to stop completely. Then, you can lift it up and take your product. Now that you have successfully cut the first tile, you can check and fix your technique if needed. You can repeat the process with other tiles just like that.

How to use wet saw securely?

Although using a wet saw is not typically dangerous, taking precautions is always a good thing. As there are water and sharp objects, wearing glasses and gloves is essential. While cutting tile, do it steadily and do not forget to check if anything clogging or blocking the blade.

In the case when one side of your tile is too small, you can put just one hand on the wider side. Placing your hand on the narrow side will make it too close to the blade.

In the end, how to use a wet saw to cut tile is rather easy and straightforward. When being handled well, it is a highly effective tool.

Nevertheless, users should still be careful and follow all the safety instructions. That will assure the best outcomes for both your DIY projects and your health.

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