How to Start an Electric Chainsaw and How It Works?

Electric chainsaws are often considered one of the most versatile tools to have in your arsenal, allowing you to accomplish a variety of tasks with ease. Whether you’re cutting firewood or trimming some branches, electric chainsaws can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. But before jumping right into using it, there is an important step that needs to be taken – starting up your electric chainsaw. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to start and use an electric chainsaw safely and effectively so that you can enjoy all its power with minimum fuss or effort!

An electric chainsaw is a valuable tool for any homeowner. It’s perfect for cutting wood and clearing brush, but using one can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. This article will teach you the basics of how to start an electric chainsaw and how it works so that you can get started on your own projects!

How to Start an Electric Chainsaw and How It Works?

1. What is an electric chainsaw?

An electric chainsaw is a small version of its larger gas powered cousins. It relies on electricity to start and run, which makes it ideal for smaller jobs. They are more expensive than their gasoline counterparts but they are also considerably lighter since there is no need for fuel or an engine. Electric chainsaws come with either corded power cables or rechargeable batteries that you can use to cut wood.

2. How to start an electric chainsaw?

An electric chainsaw is easy to start, but you need to give it plenty of power before you can cut anything.

First, adjust the blade until it is parallel with the motor housing. Hold onto your handle and press your foot into the metal bar at the base of the saw. Pull back on its throttle trigger until it engages fully. Pull the saw towards you so that it begins cutting through the wood. Don’t apply too much pressure or pull with anything other than your arms when using an electric chainsaw, since it does not have any power assist.

3. Types of chain saws

There are several types of chainsaws available for homeowners. The most common, and the one you’ll find in this article, is the electric chainsaw. This type of saw runs on electricity and makes less noise than gas powered models. Another popular type is a battery-powered version that can be recharged to run again.

4. Safety measures when operating a chain saw.

Before you start your saw, make sure that anyone else who is in the area is further than 10 feet away from the cutting area. You should also wear protective clothing including jeans or overalls, gloves, boots, eye protection and earmuffs to avoid any mishaps.

5. Maintenance tips for your chain saw.

Always keep your chain saw clean and dry to avoid rusting after every use. Use a file to sharpen the teeth of the blade. Keep the blade’s tension within specification, as outlined in your user manual, and don’t try to cut anything other than wood with an electric chainsaw.

6. Parts of the chain saw and how they work together to make it function properly.

You can see in the image below that this saw has several specific parts. Understanding how they work together will help you to become a better operator and you should know what each part is called so that if something goes wrong, you can figure out what it is and get your saw working correctly again quickly. The flat bar at the bottom of the saw is called the base. The bar with teeth on it is called the chain and wraps around a metal sprocket at the top of the saw that rotates with each pull of the trigger. The motor, which we discussed earlier, is housed inside this base and gives power to the chain and sprocket. At the front of your chainsaw’s base, the metal bar on which you press on with your foot is called the kickback bar. This allows you to push on it with your foot to help the saw cut through harder materials.

Avoiding Kickback While Using Your Electric Chainsaw

Kickback is when the blade of the chain is suddenly pushed back at you. This may result in severe cutting wounds. The most typical sorts of kickbacks and tips for avoiding them are listed below.

Rotational Kickback

The most hazardous kickback is rotational, and it occurs often. It occurs when the chain’s point nicks a solid object.Never contact the bar and chain assembly’s tip to any wood or other surface to prevent this backlash. If you do, the saw blade may start whirling and kick back right at you.

Linear Kickback

Linear kickback is sometimes referred to as “pinching the chain.” The complete electric chainsaw may retaliate at full power if the chain becomes tangled while cutting a piece of wood and becomes stuck.

Making sure the wood you’re cutting is appropriately balanced between the cut you’re making and the end of the wood is one approach to prevent linear kickback.

Pull-in kickback

When your electric chainsaw strikes an object inside the wood, such as a nail, pull-in kickback happens. If a branch is struck by the chainsaw at the other end of the cut, this kickback will also happen.

It’s essential to check the wood before making any sort of cut in order to determine how it has been used in the past and to prevent pull-in kickback.

Safety Tools Needed While Cutting Down A Tree

The most often employed equipment is a chainsaw. The fantastic instruments are strong and effectively do all of their tasks. With a chainsaw, you can easily cut through sturdy and challenging materials.

A chainsaw has various applications. They are used by employees in a variety of industries, such as feretory, where they make use of these incredible instruments on a regular basis.

But keep in mind that the huge capacity to make your job simpler comes with a great deal of responsibility. The chainsaws are not regular instruments that you can buy and use right away. However, it is important to understand “how to correctly handle a chainsaw” before opening your tool’s box. For safe working, you must have protective equipment for your eyes, hearing, and other body parts.

Having learnt how to operate an electric chainsaw from the step-by-step instructions above, the following is a list of the accessories you must need while using an electric chainsaw:


When using the chainsaw, you must put on a pair of gloves. In the event of an accident, the chain of the chainsaw can result in severe injuries, whereas gloves can significantly lower the risk of injuries and protect your hands.

Long Cord

The power source for the electric chainsaws is connected to the chainsaw via a cable. Your job may be simplified by the longer chord, which also allows you to maneuver the chainsaw more freely. However, you must exercise extra caution when using the chainsaw to prevent tripping over the cord.

Chainsaw Helmet

Whether they are cutting different sorts of wood, the chainsaw operators’ helmets protect their heads. A dependable technique to shield your head from harm is with a protective helmet. You might get major head injuries if the branches fall on your head. Therefore, whenever using the tool, always remember to wear a chainsaw helmet!

Safety Goggles

Your eyes will be protected from flying wood fragments that may hurt them by wearing safety goggles. Additionally, goggles make it simple to see while trimming or chopping down trees. So always remember to use safety glasses and have fun sawing!

Using an Electric Chainsaw is Easy

Using an electric chainsaw is simple, as you discovered in this step-by-step tutorial.

A chainsaw may be made to cut wood using just a few simple starting and spinning procedures.

Just bear in mind to put safety first when performing any cutting tasks. By doing this, you may safeguard yourself from any accidents that might happen when you use an electric chainsaw.

As a reminder, see my page on the best corded electric chainsaws if you’re wanting to replace an old tool or purchase your first electric chainsaw. It outlines the major characteristics that are offered and how to choose the finest electric chainsaw for your requirements.


You now know how to start an electric chainsaw! Be sure to always read the owner’s manual before use and follow all safety precautions. With proper care, your chainsaw will provide you with years of service.

So, now you should have a general idea of what an electric chainsaw is and how to start one. Keep these tips in mind the next time you need to use an electric chainsaw safely and properly. If you follow the proper procedures, handling your saw should be as easy as pie!

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