How To Sharpen Tile Saw Blade for Beginners?

How To Sharpen Tile Saw Blade for Beginners?

Why do we need to know how to sharpen the tile saw blade? Is it an easy work to do? What if we don’t sharpen the edge for a long time? These are the common questions we often receive from most users on the Internet, and we know you haven’t got a satisfying answer to them.

Well, we are here to explain a bit about the reason why we should sharpen the tile blade and the way we do it. Though this is, somehow, a dangerous and risky task, you can definitely do it by yourself. Let’s check it out now!

A sharpening block to use for the tile saw blade
A sharpening block to use for the tile saw blade

Why You Need To Sharpen a Tile Saw Blade?

Any blades will lose their sharpness over time, and some even get stuck by the debris and particles. The tile saw blade is not an exception. These are the reasons why we should sharpen the tile saw and bring it back to the excellent condition as the beginning.

1. Sharpen tile saw blade to prolong its lifespan

Indeed, the blade is to cut things, and as long as it’s sharp enough, it could deliver great cuts to objects. If the blade cuts things smoothly and cleanly without any difficulty, it can last a long time.

On the contrary, you will find challenging in cutting with a dull blade. The sharpness is not enough for the blade to deliver a smooth and clean cut, which can shorten the lifespan of the blade.

2. Sharpen tile saw blade to offer excellent cuts

By doing this, you can get rid of the debris and particle stuck around the blade that can lower the cutting quality. The cuts will be sharp, clean, and accurate with the proper blade.

In the meantime, a dull blade may ruin your project as it produces terrible cutting patterns. The cuts might not be clean and precise as you want, while you can see the saw teeth in the objects.

How to sharpen tile saw blade – Detailed instruction

How to sharpen tile saw blade
How to sharpen tile saw blade

Step 1: Prepare

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the equipment and the materials. The main material you are going to use is an abrasive material such as soft clay brick, a block, a dressing stick, etc.

Besides, wear a pair of goggles to keep your eyes safe, a mask to prevent from breathing the dust, and gloves to protect your fingers in the worst case.

Step 2: Sharpen

Now, you are ready to bring your blade back to its excellent condition.

First, adjust the water flow or coolant to make it half-open. Then, turn on the tile saw, slowly move the sharpening block into the spinning blade. Let the blade cut the block for five times so that the ingredient and material is pasted on the blade to make it sharp.

Turn off the cutting machine and wait for the blade to stop and get cooled before checking.

Step 3: Check

After switching off the power button, unplug the machine cord for safety.

Slowly look and check the tile blade to see if it’s sharp enough or not. Look at the blade and search for little black dots. Slightly touch alongside the tile saw blade to check whether the edge feels rough or not. If it does feel rough, the blade is sharp; on the contrary, it’s still dull that you cannot use.

Remember not to touch hard; otherwise, your finger will get bleed. This is a dangerous tool and must be used with much care.

Step 4: Repeat

If the blade still doesn’t get its sharpness, you need to repeat the process until you have an excellent blade like the beginning.

Always remember the safety guidelines before, during, and after working with the tile saw as it’s very dangerous.

Wrapping up

Now that you have known how to sharpen tile saw blade. It’s not difficult as you thought, right?

However, you must be very careful if you don’t want to lose your finger. Sharpening the tile saw blade is not an easy job, yet, it’s not too difficult to do it alone. Follow the above steps to prepare an excellent tile saw blade before working on your projects.

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