How to Replace an Oil Pump on a 300D Lincoln Welder

300d lincoln welder

The 300D Lincoln welder is a heavy duty DC arc welding power source with engine driven technology. It features constant current output and is capable of DC TIG and stick welding. Its features include an inspection report and an oil pump. This Lincoln welder is available in two different model options.


The 300D Lincoln welding machine features proven construction, a compact, lightweight design, and a proven power source, a fuel-efficient, industrial diesel engine. This welder provides excellent pipe, construction, and maintenance welding performance. The 300D is designed for ease of use and easy setup.

The 300D is designed with a powerful 3,000-watt AC generator power and 300-amp duty cycle to weld 7/32-inch pipe. The power source features five overlapping current ranges with fine-tuning within each range for precise control. It also features a 150-rpm high idle OCV adjustment for improved performance when welding pipe.

Inspection report

The 300D Lincoln welding machine is a powerful pipe welding machine that is powered by a 4-Cylinder Perkins Diesel Engine. It has 3000 Watts of Auxiliary Power and is capable of welding at a range of 50-350 Amps DC. The 300D is less than 4000 hours old and offers many advanced features that make it an excellent choice for pipeline welding.

Oil pump

When you need to replace the oil pump on your 300D Lincoln welder, you should start by disconnecting the generator. Then, remove the rear main seal. You will need to replace the oil pump and the rear seal if your welder isn’t running efficiently.