How to Refurbish an Old Lincoln Welder

old lincoln welder

An old Lincoln welder may seem like an old-fashioned piece of equipment, but it’s actually fairly high-tech, especially for the time it’s from. These welders have a powder-coat finish and can be used on electrodes as small as three-eighths of an inch in diameter. Plus, they can handle a wide variety of materials, including clean and dirty materials.

Rebuilt by Big Three Welding Equipment Company, Houston, TX

If you’re looking to buy an old Lincoln welder, you might be wondering if it’s possible to have it refurbished and be running in no time. Big Three Welding Equipment Company, located in Houston, Texas, offers this service, which includes rebuilding the generator and coil. The company also offers support, and their website has more than a million posts from other welder owners. You can post photos and respond to polls, and enjoy special features. Joining this online community is free and provides lots of support.

The company began small and began with a single machine purchased from Home Depot. As the company grew, it expanded into the oilfield and acquired a metal gate business. Today, it occupies a 35,000-square-foot facility in Cypress, TX. The facility includes a 4,000-square-foot climate-controlled area for aluminum and stainless steel work.

Rated to run at 3,000 watts

When buying a new welder, be sure to check its power rating. The information label on your welder should tell you how many watts it can handle. It can be found on the inside case or on the rear of your welder. In addition to this, you can usually determine its maximum power consumption from its voltage and amperage. In general, you should choose the higher figure given.

If you need more power, consider buying an engine-driven welder. Some of these units come with dual-channel power control systems that let you easily adjust the current and voltage for maximum power output. These units are great for pipeline welding and construction applications. They also come with 115-volt or 230-volt AC duplex receptacles for auxiliary power.

When comparing the wattage requirements of various welders, make sure to consider the amps. For example, if your welder is rated to run at 3,000 watt, you’ll need a generator that can handle at least that much power. And remember to allow for a leeway of 25 to 30 percent.

While some generators can power the whole house, others can only power the equipment you need. Before choosing a generator, check the user’s manual for the recommended ampage and voltage. It’s important to choose the right generator for your specific type of stick welder.