How To Clean Welding Helmet Properly?

How To Clean Welding Helmet

Your welding helmet or welding mask is one of the most crucial equipment when it comes to hardware. It is highly advisable to always keep them in near-perfect condition at all times.

When you weld a lot, your welding helmet and its lenses tend to get fogged-up severely with all the debris, dust and whatnot. Below is how to clean your welding helmets as well as how to preserve them.

Instructions On How To Clean Welding Helmet?

General areas

There is nothing special about cleaning general parts of the welding helmet, but you should do it first. Use a piece of cloth and any furniture cleaning detergent or spray to give the outer areas a good wipe. That will get rid of most of the dirt and stain on the surface and give you an idea of which part is the huge mess and how to clean them.

Use a brush 

You might have a welding helmet with nooks and crannies which are difficult to reach. In this case, use a brush to get to those hard-to-reach places.

Again, you can use any sort of detergent or cleaning solution specially made for cleaning welding helmets. Dip your brush in your choice of cleaning solution, brush the parts that your cloth can’t reach and rinse it.

Helmet’s lense 

The lenses of the welding helmet are the part which using classic cleaning method wouldn’t do, even with cleaning detergent. Especially when your lenses are severely fogged up after gathering all the debris, dust and everything else from the welding aftermath.

To remove the fog, you need buffing wheel and some light buffing compound.

  • Step 1: Apply an appropriate amount of the buffing compound onto the lenses of the helmet.
  • Step 2: Turn on the buffing wheel and grind the lenses on the buffing wheel
  • Step 3: While grinding the lense on the wheel, move it from side to side to buff the whole lenses.

Note: Don’t apply too much pressure on the buffing wheel to avoid scratches.


After the general areas and lenses are clean, it is recommended to disinfect the helmet. Most welders usually skip this, but personally, we think it is really important to do so.

When you weld, you need a peace of mind to focus on all the electricity, heat, metal tapping, and other welding things. Germs and viruses could take that peace of mind away from you. Therefore, we recommend this step.

After you are done disinfecting the helmet, do one final wipe with a thick towel to soak up whatever moisture remains. Otherwise, the helmet will have a strange smell to it after a few days even though it is still clean.

Replace the lenses

Although the above methods would work effectively in cleaning the lenses, it wouldn’t always be useful. Especially when your lenses are too rusty and severely damaged, it is better to replace the lenses of your welding helmet entirely.

Professional welding service 

In case your welding helmets and other welding gear are high-end products, and you are just not ready to throw them away, consider using the service of professional welders. They have years of experiences in both welding and maintaining welding gears.

Bottom line 

The above is a general guide on how to clean any welding helmets. For your specific helmets, there might have some sort of special design that needs a particular way to maintain it.

So, if the helmet comes with some sort of manual or guide, skim through it for any instruction on cleaning.

Thanks for reading my article on how to clean welding helmet and I will see you in the next one.

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