How To Clean Welder? The Most Detailed Guide

How To Clean Welder

Like any other machine, rust and dust can invade your welding machine after a certain amount of time. This process will happen even faster if your welder is put in a damp and dirty place without any cover.

Hence, under any circumstances, you will need to learn how to clean welder. No need to find any guide out there, the most detailed instruction for you to do this is here. Keep reading to learn!

How To Clean Welder?

First of all, bear in mind that you need to unplug the device before taking any further steps whether it is MIG, TIG, SMAW or stick welding machine.

The drive rolls

Normally, there is not much dirt accumulated in the steel drive rolls. Nonetheless, if you often weld, the frequent running wire will collect a lot of dust, which affects the electrical conductivity.

Using compressed air to blow the dust is a great solution. Trust me! You will be surprised at the result of this cheap method. The second way for careful people is to remove the rolls then use a wire brush to rub them, which is cleaner but more time-consuming.

The drive rolls in a welder
The drive rolls in a welder

The gun liner

Since the wire does not only run via the drive rolls but also the gun liner, you can do the same thing to the gun liner. A trick here is cutting the liner in the appropriate length as a short liner will make the space between it and the retaining head get dirty.

The gun liner
The gun liner

The nozzle

Next, avoid covering the nozzle by spatter by applying the nozzle dip gently. Nevertheless, notice that you should not completely submerge the nozzle unless you want to damage the porous insulator in the nozzle’s interior. It is better to dip the tip instead.

The welder’s nozzle
The welder’s nozzle

The diffuser

You may find a diffuser installed inside the gun tube of the nozzle. Just like the nozzle, if it is rusty or blocked, the shielding gas can hardly work smoothly. Therefore, we recommend you to check it regularly and wipe it with a wire brush or a rag until it is squeaky clean.

Different types of diffuser
Different types of diffuser

Other parts

For the external details, of course, we should clean them whenever there are stains. They are very easy for you to wipe out. But don’t forget to use a dry towel, brushes, cotton swabs, and compressed air instead of making them wet. This is as important as when you clean the internal items.

In the long term, you may want to get your welder checked and cleaned by a professional tinker in complicated parts such as PC boards, cooling fans, transformers, wirings, etc. If you do not know well about them, do not risk your device.

Last but not least, try to store your welder in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place with to keep it unblemished over time.

Final Words

Finally, we have guided you through a brief yet comprehensive tutorial on how to clean a welder. Furthermore, we have also added some tips and tricks to maintain their good condition.

What you need to do is only sticking to our simple steps to have a spotless welding machine for long-term use.

Thanks for reading! Remember to share this if you find it useful!

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