How to choosing the right type of axe ?

Choosing the right type of axe is not a decision to take lightly. If you are not using an axe often, it may be better for you to buy a cheaper one and use it sparingly. However, if you plan on chopping wood or splitting logs with your axe then the quality should be a high priority. There are three types of axes: double bit hand axes, single bit hand axes, and felling axes that have two cutting blades near opposite ends. These different types will vary in price and durability but all can get the job done when used properly!

hoosing the right type of axe

Choosing the right type of axe

1. What is an axe used for?

Axe heads can have a wide variety of uses. They were originally used for cutting wood and thus are key to a fire, but with modern time axes are even used as tools for survivalists or for combat. Thus it is important that the axe will be worth the price you will pay!

2. Types of axes

Double bit hand axes are both the cheapest and least durable kinds of axe. They are used for cutting wood as well as other tasks around camp or in a survival situation, but they have cheaper metal that will need to be replaced often. The single bit axe is more expensive than the double bit because it has one blade instead of two and thus is more durable. They can be used for chopping wood and other tasks just as the double bit can. However, “felling axes” or two-bladed axes are even more expensive than both of those but they are not necessary unless you plan on doing a lot of felling (chopping down trees). Thus it’s important to know what exactly you plan on using the axe for before you purchase one!

3. Choosing the right axe type for you

If you are not doing much with your axe besides cutting up some firewood for a campfire or chopping up an occasional log then a cheaper double bit axe would be the best choice. However, if you plan on chopping down trees often then invest in either a single bit hand axe or even better, a felling axe. They will both be much more durable!

5. How to care for your new axe so it lasts a long time and doesn’t rust or get dull too quickly!

Axe heads are made with steel, a tough metal that is vulnerable to rust. It’s important to remember never to leave your axe outside in the rain or set it in water by accident. This will make the metal rust and thus affect its durability! The other thing to remember is that axes need sharpening after heavy use. A cheap axe will need to be sharpened often, but if you invest in a high-quality axe it can last for years. To sharpen your axe simply find a grinding wheel or use sandpaper and rub the blade back and forth so that it is smooth once again. This is important because an unsharpened blade will not cut as well!

6. Buying an Axe – what to look out for when buying one, where can I find them, and how much should I spend on one (plus more tips)!

There are many places you can find axes. A lot of hardware stores carry them, and in some cases even sporting goods stores do. However, AMAZON is usually a good choice for finding a cheaper axe because sellers on there will often sell older or discontinued axes that they no longer want. This makes it possible to get an expensive axe (like a felling axe) for a much cheaper price. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that an axe bought from AMAZON may be dinged up or not worth the price!

Always measure your hand size when buying an axe because if you have big hands then you will need a bigger handle than someone with small hands. After that, make sure you know what you will be using the axe for. The strength and type of blade should depend on that! If you are not planning to chop down trees then a felling axe is too expensive to purchase, but if you are looking for something good quality that won’t rust or need sharpening often then invest in either a single bit or a felling axe.

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