How Hot Is a Plasma Cutter? It Is The Hottest Thing Ever

How Hot Is a Plasma Cutter?
How Hot Is a Plasma Cutter?

A plasma cutter is a tool which uses the accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through many kinds of materials. It creates highly precise,  quick cuts, and its efficiency even increases with complicated, curved, and angled cuts. The materials for cutting include aluminum, stainless steel, conductive metals, and some other kinds.

So you may imagine partially the temperature of a plasma cutter when it can work well on most conductive materials. But exactly how hot is a plasma cutter and how do researchers measure its temperature? Let’s figure it out now!

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How Is the Temperature of the Plasma Cutter Flame?

The temperature of the flame from the plasma cutter is estimated to be around 25,000 degrees Celsius or 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

To imagine the terrific temperature of the plasma flame, just compare it to the heat from the Oxy-fuel machine. Commonly, that kind of machine can generate the flame with 5,000 degrees Celsius or 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Now you can see the plasma’s flame is about 5 times as hot as that of Oxy-fuel’s flame. What a huge number!

This fact explains why a plasma cutter can work much more precisely and quickly than any other metal cutting machines. There is also a strict notice that all users must wear protective clothing, especially for eyes, when working with the plasma cutter. Your eyes can get hurt if you look directly at the plasma’s flame with bare eyes.

To produce such a high temperature, the plasma cutter needs to consume the relative amount of electricity. Therefore, your electricity bill will cost a fortune if you don’t use the tool wisely!

Is It Hotter than the Temperature of the Sun?

The Sun is the hottest planet in the universe, but is it hotter than a plasma cutter? The answer is NO. Scientists have measured the temperature of both the surface and the atmosphere around the Sun and estimated that it is around 5505 degrees Celsius and 9941 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the meantime, a plasma’s flame can reach the temperature of 25,000 degrees Celsius or 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the Sun can “do” nothing in this competition with the plasma’s flame. There must be five Suns altogether to get  equal heat to that of plasma’s flame.

Can it Compare to the Temperature of the Earth’s Core?

The Earth’s core is proved to be hotter than the Sun, but can it compare to that of the plasma cutter? Though the Earth’s core is hotter than the Sun, which is about 6000 degrees Celsius (10,800 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s not enough to compare with the plasma cutter.

You may think there is nothing hotter than the Sun or the Earth’s core on Earth, but now you know one thing – plasma.

Conclusion – Plasma Is the Hottest Thing Ever

The answer to the question: “how hot is a plasma cutter” is now revealed. The plasma is the hottest thing ever, which is even hotter than the Sun and the Earth’s core.

Because of the extremely high heat of plasma, make sure to wear all kinds of safety equipment before working with the plasma cutter.

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