Gas Powered Welders

Professional welders frequently have to go to a job location where there is little to no electricity. Having the appropriate power-generating equipment is crucial under these circumstances. Welding equipment that is not powered by mains electricity is known as an engine-driven welder generator.

These mobile equipment units are ideal for welding projects that need to be completed in remote locations. Engine-driven welders may perform a variety of welding operations and power welding equipment, but they can also act as a backup power source for other electrical devices like plasma cutters or power tools. As a result, welder generator combinations perform the functions of both a generator and a welder.

You can find several gas powered welders available in the market today. Among them are Miller Bobcat 250 and Hobart Champion 145. However, there are some differences among them that you need to keep in mind. For example, you should know that a Miller Bobcat 250 is heavier than a Lifan Pro Series WeldPro AXQ1-200a.

Hobart Champion 145

If you’re looking for a gas powered welder that performs well at a lower cost, then the Hobart Champion 145 miller gas-powered welder may be what you’re looking for. This welder is a great choice for a wide range of jobs. It has great features but also some surprisingly pared-down features.

While the Champion 145 is one of the most powerful welder generators in its price range, it doesn’t have the power to perform heavy-duty welding jobs. It lacks some of the features necessary for professional-grade welding businesses, but it’s a good first welder for most users. It has an inbuilt DC stick welder for small jobs and decent single-phase AC power. It’s also lightweight and comes with a portable wheel system.

The Hobart Champion 145 has a low power draw and can’t weld thick metal. However, it does have decent arc quality and doesn’t get very hot when using 5/32″ 7018 electrodes. While it’s not ideal for thick-metal welding, it is a great choice for those who don’t need more than 4000W of power.

Although the Hobart Champion 145 has a great price, there are some other models that are worth considering. The Lincoln Bulldog uses a Kohler engine and has a higher single-phase output than the Hobart. However, this welder has lower duty cycle and does not have a running gear. Both AC and DC stick welders are capable of producing heat, but AC stick welders are not suitable for wet or humid environments.

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Although it weighs more than 500 pounds, the Hobart welder can easily be rolled into a truck bed. However, it does not come with wheels or a trolly, so two people will need to lift the welder into the truck bed. You will also need additional accessories such as a portable wire feeder for MIG welding.

The Hobart Champion 145 miller gas-powered welder has a long and distinguished history in the fabrication industry. Its reputation as an industry leader has seen it featured in some of the largest job sites in the world. It offers MIG, TIG, and Stick welding and a 25 HP engine-driven generator.

Miller Bobcat 250

The Miller Bobcat 250 gas powered welder has a 28″ x 20″ x 40 1/2″ work area, and features a two-cylinder 23 HP Kohler gasoline engine. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to operate and is a great option for construction, farm and ranch, and mechanical contracting.

The Miller Bobcat 250 gas powered welder is an excellent all-around welder, and is ideal for stick, mig, flux core, and ac welding. It has a peak power output of 11kw and is available with 115 or 230v outlets.

The Miller Bobcat 250 EFI gas powered welder can handle stick welding, flux-cored welding, and GMAW welding. Its quiet motor is a big bonus for jobsite communications, and the skewed rotor design improves the power and smoothness of the welder. It also weighs less than previous models, and is 55 pounds lighter.

The Best Welder Generator—Buying Guide

Finding a welder generator might not be as simple as you initially thought because there are several factors to take into account. We’ll look at some of the qualities that make a great welder generator in our succinct purchasing guide to help you choose the finest one for your needs and handle those tough welding operations.

Power Output

The cost of a welder generator is typically determined by its power output. The price increases as the power output does. Welder generators that are more reasonably priced are designed just to power a welder and often have a lesser power output. However, the most powerful welders have enough power to fuel additional machinery like an angle grinder or even a plasma cutter.

AC/DC Power 

The types of current utilized during arc welding are referred to as AC and DC welding in the welding process. When it comes to welding with fewer spatter, DC output offers a more consistent and smooth arc. This occurs as a result of the consistent polarity flow in one direction of a DC current.

Contrarily, welding with AC power produces much more spatter and is slightly less smooth than welding under DC power. It does, however, address arc blast difficulties and is much more suited for welding aluminum since it eliminates the oxide from the metal’s surface.

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Duty Cycle

The amount of time the machine can run safely at a certain amperage is referred to as the duty cycle. The quantity is given as a %; the lower the percentage, the shorter the period of time the welder generator may be utilized before shutting off after its cycle is complete. This is yet another crucial aspect to take into account while evaluating engine welders.

Welding Capability

Given that stick welding is the most popular type of welding performed with them, most engine-driven welders will primarily serve as stick welding machines. Powerful enough to handle specialized welding procedures like TIG welding are certain welder generators. Some also have the capacity to support flux core welding when using a MIG welder. However, it’s crucial to utilize the proper welding leads and accessories when MIG or TIG welding.

Lifan Pro Series WeldPro AXQ1-200a

The Lifan Pro Series WeldPro AxQ1-200A miller gas powered welder is a good choice for those looking for a versatile, powerful welder. This machine offers 4000 starting and running watts of power and can weld at 200 amps. It also has a 6.5-gallon fuel tank. It also has a three-year warranty and is easy to use, even by a beginner.

The Hobart Champion Elite welder/generator produces up to 9500 watts of continuous power, but is slightly less than the Miller Bobcat 250. While the Hobart welder/generator does have the same three-year warranty, it does not have the same welding capacity. It is also heavy and does not come with welding leads.

The Bobcat 250 generator has a constant maximum power and duty cycle, giving you more accuracy than traditional welder generators. The current from this welder is smooth and does not spike up like it does with other machines. The Bobcat 250 is not cheap, but it is a solid machine in a reasonable price range.

Its tubular frame helps lift and protect the welder generator. It also features an industrial grade 15-hp OHV gas engine with a 50% duty cycle. You can also adjust the power of the generator from 50smp to 200amp. The welder can handle welding rods up to 3/16″ in diameter.

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