Best Wet Tile Saw Of 2023 Under $100, $200, $300, $500 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wet Tile Saw

When starting a tile project, considerations for the tile saw to use are just as important as considerations for the tiles themselves. The best tile saws use diamond blades to cut glass, ceramics, and other materials, though they vary in bed, power, and water reservoir—all factors to keep in mind when choosing the right saw for the job.

This is just the beginning. Many (but not all) tile saws also use water on their rotating blades to reduce friction, noise, and dust, while also increasing blade life. Don’t forget to weigh your sliding bed options, which many believe will make it easier for you to slide tiles under the blade accurately and safely. With all of these features available, you could be using the wrong tile saw if you don’t carefully consider the details of your project. Get started on your project by checking out the shopping tips and advice in this guide.

Looking for Best Wet Tile Saw? The best wet tile saw makes your home tiling work more effortless than ever. Thanks to the help of these great tools, you can perform your DIY projects accurately, quickly and cleanly.

In the market of diverse models, where is the suitable saw model for your needs? What should you keep in mind when choosing to buy this type of saw?

Don’t worry, and we’ll provide you with useful information right below. Keep reading, find out and make the best purchase decisions from our highly rated product reviews. No matter how big or small your budget, we will have the ideal proposal for you.

Let’s get started with the definition of a wet tile saw.

What Is A Wet Tile Saw?

A wet tile saw is a powerful tool with a hard and sharp diamond-coated blade along with the use of water as a coolant. With a unique design for cutting tiles, this type of saw makes the work done consistently and quickly, providing excellent clean and precise cutting.

It sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Moreover, you can also use this portable and lightweight tool conveniently and quickly to cut many materials or objects made of stone, glass, ceramic, carbon fibre, porcelain, and more. It is a perfect choice for DIYers and homeowners all over the world.


How To Choose The Best Wet Tile Saw?

We now bring you things to keep in mind when choosing the best wet tile saw.

Here they are.

Type Of Saw

Depending on your projects, you can choose either a handheld model or a table tile saw. The handheld wet tile saws are small and portable for small projects, while tabletop models have high power and more stability for large projects and industrial tiling projects.

You should buy a saw with a lock switch to reduce fatigue when using a handheld wet tile saw. With tabletop wet tile saw, there is usually a fence to support the alignment of tiles. Moreover, you will need a miter extension and a cut extension to make unique cuts.

Saw Material

A strong structure and well-made construction quality ensure a durable tool because tiles are often heavy and cutting them is more complicated than other materials.

You need to select a sturdy frame made of stainless steel or aluminium to reduce vibration levels, operate smoothly and cut sharply. Models with plastic parts can reduce the durability and stability of the device.

Saw Blade

Wet tile saws have diamond blades for wet cutting jobs. You should also pay attention to the size of the saw blade to make the types of cut you want.

In the market, the standard blade sizes are 4.5”, 7” and 10”. Note that the large blades come with deeper cutting function, heavier weight, and higher price.

You should consider the blade capacity. It involves adjusting the cutting head to keep different blade sizes and to cut tiles to varying angles for a variety of tiles and projects.

Saw Power

To run the saw, you need to pay attention to the power of the engine. For your different needs, you should find the motor with enough horsepower to help you make cuts quickly and accurately.

The trick here is to choose a high capacity type for heavy-duty tasks. Also, you should note that the handheld saw machine has a lower capacity than the table tile saw.

Safety Features

You need to consider the safety features for this type of electric or battery tool, such as protective case and overload protection. A protective case can minimize hazards and ensure smooth operation.

Besides, the overload protection feature helps to protect the saw from overheating. It means that it will prevent the engine from overheating or burning. The great thing is that most wet tile saws have this feature for you.

Water Source

With wet tile saws, you need to consider the water source as it is a factor that helps the saw perform its function correctly. You can choose the model getting water from the storage or other type with a continuous water source.

These parts may conclude pump containers and garden hoses. Besides, modern models have water circulation to use water repeatedly and help save costs.

Other Useful Features

You will need tools that can make cutting your tiles much easier and tidy. Other useful features include a drainage button and a splash guard to prevent getting wet when using the saw. Furthermore, a large water reservoir ensures sufficient coolant while an accurate guide bar improves cutting precision.

Lastly, for your safety, you should work on a solid surface, place the tiles properly, put them toward the cutting wheel steadily, and do not forget to turn off the saw when you don’t use it.

Best Wet Tile Saw Reviews 2023

Wet Tile SawBevel AngleVoltagePowerNo Load RPMDimensionsWeightEditor’s Rating
SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch0 to 45 degrees120V4. 2 Amp3600 RPM18 x 14.5 x 7.8"17.69 lbs4.4/5
Leegol Electric 7-Inch0 to 45 degrees120V-3550 RPM18 x 15.8 x 6.8"27.3 lbs4.0/5
QEP 22400Q 4-Inch45 to 22.5-degree120V3/5 HP4600 RPM14.2 x 15.8 x 4.6"8 lbs4.0/5
SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch0 to 45 degrees120V5 Amp3600 RPM22 x 18 x 8.5"24 lbs4.2/5
PORTER-CABLE PCE980 7-InchFixed120V1 HP2600 RPM26.9 x 22.7 x 8.9"32 lbs4.1/5
Porter Cable PCC780LA 20V MAX 7"-20V4. 0Ah-26 x 22 x 8.5"27 lbs4.0/5
RIDGID 120-Volt 7 in-120V6.5 Amp-30 x 24.4 x 8.7"24 lbs4.0/5
DEWALT D24000S 10-Inch0 to 45 degrees120V1.5 HP-36 x 29 x 24"69 lbs4.5/5

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $100

1 – SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch

If you have a tight budget, take a closer look at the best wet tile saw under $100. It is the SKIL 3540-02 7″.

How good is it?

This saw machine from SKIL has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel tabletop. When the table is fully extended, you can place tiles up to 18″ x 18″ for a maximum depth cut of 3/4″ thick, and you can move it towards the blade comfortably.

For accurate cutting, SKIL makes this tool with an adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge. Additionally, the water reservoir keeps the blade cool while the continuous water flow minimizes debris and dust when cutting.

Additionally, you have a 0-45 degree bevel to create a variety of different cuts in a complex design. It helps you complete tiling projects quickly.

This model also has a 7″ diamond blade for fast and smooth cutting. Along with that, a large 7-amp motor rotates the blade to a maximum of 3,600 RPM. The powerful engine gives you stability, high speed to cut through hard materials.

And the best part is SKIL’s innovative HydroLock system to prevent any water from splashing above and below the table. Thus, it keeps your workspace dry and tidy.

However, the blade that comes with the saw may not last long. So, replace it when needed.

Overall, if you want to cut small tiles, there’s no issue. It’s also possible to use this best 7 inch tile saw for large tiles, take your time to do it.


  • Great work
  • Powerful motor
  • Clean and easy cut
  • Inexpensive and portable
  • Easy to assemble and store


  • Small water reservoir

2 – Leegol Electric 7-Inch

Leegol Electric 7-Inch

When you want a light saw to fit in your tiny workspace, the Leegol Electric 7″ is an ideal model for you. You can update, renovate, or add tiles to your house.

First, this product has an adjustable rip fence and a miter gauge that help cut the miter and cut straight precisely. Besides, the diamond blade allows smooth cutting along with the water tank to cool the blade, which can reduce debris and dust.

Next, the Chrome plated tabletop resists corrosion after repeated use for optimal durability. You can flexibly use different types of cutting with a maximum cutting capacity of 1″ thick and 12″ wide thanks to tile bevel from 0 to 45 degrees.

What about the engine?

This model has a powerful induction motor to provide and generate up to 3,550 RPM and handle various jobs. Also, this motor with thermal protection and simple structure is easy to use and maintain.

As a result, you can make fast, precise cuts in tiles, marble, masonry, and pottery.

Last but not least, the manufacturer guarantees you with 100% Satisfaction with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can contact the manufacturer to provide a new saw if you receive a poor one.

You may not like the Chrome-plated top as it scratches very easily.

Despite this, this small tile saw will last you through multiple small to medium jobs.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and accurate cutting
  • Low price and light


  • No quick adjust for the fence
  • Poor blade quality

3 – QEP 22400Q 4-Inch

QEP 22400Q 4-Inch

Coming next is the third-best saw under $100. What can you get from the QEP 22400Q 4”?

The highlight of this model is a powerful motor and high torque gears with 4″ diamond blades that cut through sizes up to 3/4″ of granite, ceramic, and terracotta.

In case you want to cut porcelain and hard tiles, remember to buy QEP Black Widow Blade for better performance.

Furthermore, the cutting table with adjusted hinge can make cuts of 22.5° and 45° from all sides of the device. As such, you can place large tiles easily on the table. For added accuracy, the saw also has a rip guide, a corner guide and clip-on expansion board.

In terms of the water source, this model reduces the flow of water, recycling water back into the reservoir to minimize your fill frequency. Also, the water circulation system saves time when replenishing feed water and keeps your working area dry.

Not to mention, the light weight and small size of the tool is perfect for a limited space with maximum results. You can also carry this plastic, anti-rust and corrosion saw wherever you need to set up and use it efficiently.

Be aware of how much water is in the saw, and remove and replace when it starts getting clay.

All in all, if you’re on a budget and are needing a tile saw for small projects, this model is the right choice.


  • Compact and affordable
  • Nice side-extension
  • Useful guard
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth cut


  • Small platform
  • Bad blade

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $200

1 – SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch

SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch

Next, you can find more top-rated wet tile saws with higher prices. Firstly, we want to suggest you the SKIL 3550-02 7”. This model is considered as the best wet tile saw under $200.

Despite its compact design, the saw has a 5-amp motor with rotating blades up to 3,600 RPM and a 7″ diamond cutting blade that provides efficient cutting through thick layers of tiles and marble.

Now let’s talk about its cutting capacity.

The aluminium tabletop is resistant to corrosion and rust for long-term use. You can work well with large tiles thanks to a 16″ x 16″ saw table with a flexible frame for tiles up to 18″ x 18″.

To increase accuracy, you can use the quick and easy fence adjustment clamps. For angle cuts, you can remove a miter gauge mounted on the fence top. Coupled with that, the bevel cut tile at 0°, 22.5° and 45° give flexibility for different cuts.

Here’s something interesting for you.

SKIL equips this model with the Hydraulic Locking System to keep the sawdust and water from splashing everywhere. It makes the saw ideal for those who want to work indoors without much cleaning.

This system is a plastic bag hanging on the blade. When you cut tiles, the blade pulls water from the reservoir to cool the tiles while the HydroLock protector prevents excess and leakage.

Finally, the tool is covered with rubber to prevent scratches on the counter and for a stable balance. Also, buttons have clear instructions to make the tool user friendly.

However, the saw isn’t heavy enough to keep it in place.

Beyond that, this saw is a good purchase, and we recommend it for home DIY-ers who want to do small tile jobs.


  • Good motor
  • Strong construction
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Accurate cut


  • The fence wobbles a little.

2 – PORTER-CABLE PCE980 7-Inch


Another great model around $200 from a famous brand is waiting for you. Here comes the PORTER-CABLE PCE980 7”.

This 7” wet tile saw comes with a 6.5-amp motor offers 1/16” precision when cutting up to 12”. You can use this powerful 2850RPM engine to perform effectively on porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles.

Not only that, the compact and lightweight saw also has a roll cage that keeps the saw safe during transport and storage.

Unlike the plastic water bag in SKIL 3550-02, Porter Cable’s PCE980 model uses a splash guard and drainage button to direct used water into a bucket to avoid clutter on site. Besides, a sliding tray with water channels keeps the work surface clean and dry to improve cutting accuracy and keep your space dry.

The cutting cart can be used for 12″ x 12″ tile and the cutting capacity of 17″. There is also a handy handle fitted for easy portability.

Moreover, the miter square increases the accuracy when you handle repeated cuts and line up the miter’s cuts very quickly. At the same time, the rubber foot pads hold the device firmly for safe tiling.

Be warned: While cutting the insert slot, the blade guard may stop when hitting the vertical support.

Lastly, for a DIY person who has a small project, this saw is a good option.


  • Quality build
  • Good and light design
  • Excellent power
  • Accurate cut


  • Small water reservoir

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300

1 – Porter Cable PCC780LA 7-Inch

Porter Cable PCC780LA 7-Inch

If you can spend more on a wet tile saw, we recommend this model, the Porter Cable PCC780LA 7″. It is the best wet tile saw under $300, which provides you with many excellent features.

This cordless saw is ideal for experienced and beginner DIYers because of a powerful battery making up to 40 cuts. The wireless power can help users to move around the workspace conveniently.

Not only that, the device provides a charging indicator. So you know the remaining battery time for each charge.

How about the cutting capacity?

The PCC780LA has a 17″ stainless steel tabletop for cutting 12 ″ x 12” tiles from one angle to another. At the same time, the adjustable rear fence ensures precise and tidy cuts regardless of the shape or size of the tiles. So, you can make various cuts on a slice with a high level of accuracy.

Another great feature is an onboard miter square. It helps you make precise cuts through glass, ceramics, stone and aluminium quickly.

For your easy carrying and cutting cart protection, this model provides a roll cage. You can bring this tool to use for work away from your workshop or home.

Finally, you may like this feature. The splash guard prevents water from spraying the users while the water box keeps the workspace cleaner than most other saws. Remember to buy another battery if you plan on using this full-time because the battery of this model doesn’t last long.

In short, this model is an excellent choice for homeowners with small projects or contractors who need to cut tiles around doorways and cabinets.


  • Solid and well-made
  • Decent water control
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Lightweight and accurate


  • Short battery life.

2 – RIDGID 120-Volt 7” Table Top

RIDGID 120-Volt 7” Table Top

The next top model in this price range is from RIDGID brand, which is highly appreciated by many users. We have the best wet tile saw of this brand here, the RIDGID 120-Volt 7” Table Top.

This Ridgid saw has the cutting ability for 12″ diagonal cuts, 18″ rip and up to 1 1/4″ depth. It also features a 6.5 amp induction motor to cut through ceramics, porcelain and tile.

Not only that, the blade does a great job and gives you smooth, clean cuts without chipping. However, there’s no sliding table. You need to use a sliding aluminium fence and miter guide to cut most accurately.

What’s more?

This model is very portable. You can carry this tool to and from your workspace thanks to the integrated handle and light weight. For enhanced accuracy, a clear hood with a viewing window provides a clear view of the blade and cut lines for proper alignment.

Lastly, an anti-splash system helps keep water from splashing. As a result, you only need to put a small cloth to catch a few drops and do the cleaning very quickly.

Be careful that the metal platform scratches the tile and makes it difficult to push the tile.

Aside from that, this saw is great for DIYers and homeowners. Do you want to give it a try?


  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate cutting
  • Simple to clean


  • The machine chips the tile.

Best Wet Tile Saw Around $500

1 – DEWALT D24000 10-Inch

DEWALT D24000 10-Inch

When it comes to DIY tools, you can count on the Dewalt brand. Here we want to introduce you to the best wet tile saw around $500, the DEWALT D24000 10”.

This saw is useful for cutting smooth diagonal lines across a variety of sizes and types of tiles, so it is an excellent choice for both professionals and novices.

It also helps you to balance power and precision with a powerful 1.5HP engine that cuts hard materials like stone and porcelain without damage. Not only that, the latest technology water pump provides enough water to cool the workpiece, minimize friction and contain all debris and dust.

What’s more?

The compact size and light weight make this device easy to carry around and install. It’s great when you can work in a place with a water shortage because the great water pump can maintain the saw for hours.

Another outstanding feature is the convenient transportation. You can bring the saw in two boxes, including a sturdy, foldable table and a light wet tile saw. You also have a compact saw frame, foldable table stand and a removable cutting cart for quick storage.

Last but not least, this saw offers robust stainless steel guardrails that keep accurate instructions for making diagonal cuts up to 18″ and rips up to 14″. You can change the blade angle easily to handle tile cutting projects of all types and sizes.

One downside is that the saw doesn’t sit securely in the tray.

In case you do want an excellent wet tile saw as a DIY or handyman, we highly recommend this best 10 inch tile saw.


  • Well-built and powerful
  • Precise cutting
  • Great performance
  • Simple to use and clean


  • Quite expensive
  • Short pump water lines

It’s Time To Buy Your Best Wet Tile Saw!

With our buying guide, we hope that both beginners and experienced homeowners can choose the best wet tile saws that suit them well. In case you need the suggestion of top products, do not hesitate to consider the reviews from our list with the features, advantages and disadvantages of each saw.

You need to know that proper tools will help you work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Based on your needs, find the right one, fit it, and run your project right now.

Have you chosen the right saw for your next DIY projects, guys?

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