Top 10 Best Welding Gloves Of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Should you seek the best welding gloves reviews, we are here to help you out. As you may know, suitable gloves play a critical role in providing the hands with comfort and, more importantly, protection during the working session.

The current market is full of many choices. So how can you buy gloves that are suitable for your welding use?

We have compiled the ten best-selling welding gloves that boast excellent performance in design, heat resistance, flexibility, durability, protection, and material. In addition, we also offer additional information about welding gloves. Follow us with the following details.

What Is Welding Gloves?

Well, welding gloves are kinds of personal protection equipment which protects your hands from the risks of welding. These gloves also keep you safe from from the electrical shock, infrared radiation, ultraviolet, and extreme heat. Moreover, they can allow the digit articulation as well. Besides, they also offer enhanced grip and abrasion resistance.

Welding gloves are part of an ensemble of welding but have featured a specific design considering the gloves’ proximity to the process of welding. They are worn over your hands with an individual sheath for each thumb and finger.

Furthermore, the gloves are made with materials that dissipate heat well, are electrically non-conductive and durable. Other materials can be added to enhance the protection ability of the gloves.

Types Of Welding Gloves

The major material of welding gloves is top or split leather that is derived from various livestock hides. Most of the time, they are made of Swine, goat, elk, deer, and cowhides, each delivers different levels of comfort. You know, each application will greatly determine what material is prefered. And the welding gloves are typically divided into three levels of durability as follows:

Stick welding gloves feature thicker leather layers. The split leather of pig, goat, and elk are the best choices for these gloves. As stick welding itself is not a demanding job , users do not need to use a flexible pair of gloves. The thick layer of the gloves will help protect your hands from sparks and heat-releasing during the welding process.

MIG welding gloves are made with deer, pig, or cowhides, which deliver the optimal protection with dexterity. If you are in charge of MIG welding tasks, you then need to choose quality hides with heat resistance. Typically, these gloves are thicker with various layers. Also, the way the leather molds enveloping your hands offer comprehensive coverage during work.

TIG welding gloves have primary materials of goat hide or pliable and thin plastics.

These gloves help you move easily, so that you can have proper welds made of TIG torches. The reason is that the process produces fewer spatter. In other words, TIG welding gloves are not cut out for overly hot process, such as MIG as it produces much spatter.

The gloves come with extra padding engulfing our palms and hands outside. The padding makes our fingers save from hot surfaces. Also, the best TIG welding gloves can be quickly put off when it gets too hot.

Furthermore, you should take note that Velcro-strap gloves will cling to your hands and removing them can take time, which is significantly disadvantageous in case you want to get them off promptly in case of heat-related accidents. Also, you can consider wool foam or Kevlar lining with heat resistance for further protection.

How To Choose The Best Welding Gloves?

To get the right welding gloves, you should carefully consider many factors based on your underlying demand for the types of welding jobs. Below are some elements that you should think about when choosing a pair of welding gloves.

Heat & cut resistance

As you may know, each welding releases different heat volumes. However, you still need excellent head protection. So please do not buy normal gloves! Get ones particularly for welding.

Also, you will need to avoid heat from the body heat, so you should consider this when comparing options as well.

In addition to heat protection, you also need coverage against cuts. Rough metal or/and working sharp edges are common in the welding applications. So, you should consider purchasing the gloves with high protection against cuts as well.


Dexterity is also critical, but not a must-have feature in some cases. Make sure that you could maneuver, but you still need to when getting adequate protection.

And in case you want the long-lasting gloves, you need to consider their quality and durability. Kevlar-stitching gloves deliver longer lifespan as their seams are more durable.


Another note for you is that you should pick up gloves that fit you well and can fully protect you. This is because when the gloves are too tight and your hands do not have room to move or slip out, you will feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

The best welding gloves will need to feel good to their users. Therefore, you should look for gloves that are not too big and offer you enough space for your hands to relax.

Also, you should think carefully about the kind of thumb that you like. You can choose gloves that cover the hands only or extend all up the elbow. Well, there are usually many types of thumps, such as straight, choy, keystone, and wind. But we highly recommend you to choose the keystone one as most users find it more ergonomic and comfortable in comparison to other types.


When it comes to the glove characteristics, you need to put several things into consideration. First of all, the gloves for welding must be long-lasting and hard-wearing for the best experience.

Also, the gloves should come with good lining and leather—the higher the leather quality, the better the protection. As mentioned above, the gloves for welding are composed of various types of leather, each of which boasts different features and is more suitable for a specific kind of welding than others. Besides, a decent pair of gloves should offer a good amount of insulation as well.

Above are all features of high-quality and well-made gloves. You should keep them in mind to choose the right welding gloves for yourselves.

Best Welding Gloves Reviews 2021

1 – Lincoln Electric K2979-ALL – Best stick welding gloves

As one of the prestigious brands for the best welding gloves on the market, Lincoln Electric offers an extensive collection of gloves for you to choose. Most of them receive great feedback from customers.

Lincoln Electric K2979-ALL - Best stick welding gloves

The Lincoln K2979-ALL Welding Gloves is not exceptional. Generally, the gloves have a high performance at an affordable price. They are considered one of the best sticking welding gloves from the brand.

Not only do they provide great protection over your hands, but they also deliver high flexibility when using tools. Not to mention, the gloves boast premium leather exterior, coupled with a fully-lined interior, reinforced stress point, and Kevlar threading, helping you avoid sparks, spatter, flames, or heat exposure. However, the pair of gloves is only resistant to the heat of under 275 degrees C.

Furthermore, with straight thumb design and soft cotton lining, you can feel assured about the comfort of the gloves. Another highlight is that the cuff inside the gloves comes with a twill cotton layer that can wick away moisture when you use them.

Nevertheless, the K2979-ALL still has some disadvantages. As mentioned above, the gloves cannot bear extreme heat during the working session. Also, there is only one choice of size – 14 inches, which cannot fit those with small and big hands.

We recommend you to use these gloves for Flux-core welding, Mig welding, stick welding, and other applications with heat under 275 degrees C. And what we are impressed by this product is that though it costs only under $20, it still features some typical functions that can meet the demand of most users.


  • High-end leather
  • Great flexibility
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Cheap price


  • Cannot withstand extreme heat
  • Freesize

2 – Lincoln Electric K3109-L – Best premium grain leather exterior

Another option from Lincoln Electric is K3109-L. Generally, the features that the gloves can outweigh other choices include high-end grain leather, Kevlar threading, inside liner, and reinforced stress points. These gloves are actually ideal for professional welders.

Lincoln Electric K3109-L

Notably, the Lincoln K3109-L is made of black grain leather, which enhances the durability of the gloves. When it comes to impact protection, the welding gloves come with silicone reinforcements in hand and fingers that can withstand high temperatures. This can give you protection against the hazards and avoid heat exposure during the welding processes.

Besides, the gloves also help you resist cuts thanks to Kevlar inside liner and the leader patches that cover the palms. Unlike the previous option of Lincoln Electric K2979-ALL, the K3109-L is available in many sizes, which help you have more options in choosing a suitable pair of gloves for your hands.

However, as this model boasts many great features, the price is quite high. So, only go for them. if you don’t have any budget restrictions


  • Exceptional grain leather exterior
  • Ultimate protection
  • Internal soft lining
  • High-temperature and heat resistance
  • Flexibility


  • Quite expensive

3 – RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves – Best heat-resistant gloves

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding gloves are famous for their durability thanks to its authentic leather, along with the high-temperature resistance of up to 500 degrees C. Moreover, the gloves are also resistant to cut, oil, puncture, and fire, which allows you to have a great using experience without stress.

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Also, the gloves feature internal soft cotton liner that can absorb moisture during working, delivering great comfort for users.

Plus, they also work well with welding applications dealing with cooking, hot oven, wood, and coal use. The gloves are 16 inches long with a 7.5-inch extra sleeve, which protects you from burning on your skin.

Not to mention, they are also resistant to hot steam, flames, grinding debris, water, hot coals, and welding sparks due to the introduction of 1.5-mm soft shoulder split cowskin.

We find that the gloves give the fingers, backs, and palms extra protection as well, thanks to a double Kevlar-padding layer.

The RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding gloves are notably the right choice for those who want to repair a broken machine or build a campfire.

The gloves only need to improve their stiffness, which makes some feel irritated when wearing. Also, some will find it hard to use due to the low performance in dexterity.


  • Multi-purpose gloves
  • High-temperature resistance of up to 500 degrees C
  • Deliver outstanding safety


  • A bit stiff
  • Low-quality dexterity

4 – HereToGear Fireproof and Heat Resistant Welding Gloves – The Most Comfortable gloves

The HereToGear welding gloves are so versatile that you can make use of it for many welding applications such as stick, TIG, or MIG. As mentioned in the name, they are resistant to fire and heat. In short, the gloves are a perfect choice for welders at the low price.

HereToGear Fireproof and Heat Resistant Welding Gloves

The product is made of high-end leather for the welders wearing L/XL size. It is very comfortable and soft to wear as well.

Besides, the HereToGear can withstand the heat of 350 degrees C, which means you can use it for fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and fire pits.

Also, it can be used to handle pets such as dogs, cats and others as its thick layer can protect you from the bites.

Plus, they feature Kevlar threading and cotton lining, which helps the gloves stronger and more durable.

However, some users complained that the gloves are fireproof enough. Some said they couldn’t hold a log from the fireplace for over 5 seconds.


  • High-end leather
  • High temperature, fire resistance
  • Kevlar stitching and inside cotton lining


  • Poorly resistant to fire

5 – OLSON DEEPAK Welding Gloves – Best versatile gloves

If you are looking for a versatile pair of welding gloves priced at an affordable range, Olson Deepak welding gloves are your answer.

First, what we find impressive about the gloves is that they deliver proper safety and durability.

OLSON DEEPAK Welding Gloves HEAT RESISTANT Cow Split Leather BBQ

You know, Olsen Deepak is well known for its high-quality products. The brand produces great gloves for over 30 years, and our recommended cow split leather option is among the brand’s best affordable gloves.

One of the highlights of the gloves is their inside cotton liner, which wicks away sweat and moisture. Therefore, you will still feel comfortable when wearing them for a long time.

Another notable feature is that the gloves have robust stitching, helping them retain the construction and remain functional under intense use.

Also, the gloves are resistant to high temperatures of up to 350 degrees C, coupled with the protection against cuts. However, we must say the resistance to the heat of the gloves is not good enough to ensure full protection for users. So if you want to own a pair of gloves that can withstand higher temperatures, you should go for the 3rd or 7th gloves in this list.

We also carried out tests and saw that the Olsen Deepak Cow Split Leather gloves offer great comfort and decent dexterity as well.

Not to mention, you can make good use of them in other applications but welding. Some claim that they are also great for handling animals, grilling, and camping purposes.


  • Affordable price
  • Versatile gloves
  • High durability with robust stitching


  • Low performance in high-temperature environment

6 – Revco GM1611 – Best MIG welding gloves

Revco GM1611 is definitely a right for those who want to look for the best mig welding gloves. First, these gloves feature an internal soft cotton lining, which helps absorb moisture. Therefore, you can use them in a long time. Besides, the gloves also have a seamless index finger that delivers comfort to users.

Revco GM1611

Notably, while the back of the gloves is made of split cowskin leather, the materials for the palm is grain cowskin leather. This helps enhance the flexibility in movements of users when wearing the gloves.

Besides, another highlight of the gloves is their reinforcement patches in the index finger, thumb, and palm for heat resistance. This will help protect you from the working hazards as well as avoid heat exposure during working sessions.

Plus, the Revco GM1611 gloves also come with a Kevlar stitching, which can deliver the optimal heat, slag, sparks resistance, and durability as well. Currently, the gloves are available in various sizes from small to 2XL.


  • Soft cotton lining interior
  • Flexibility
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Kevlar stitching


  • None

7 – WZQH Extreme 932°f Heat Resistant Grill & Welding Gloves – Best heat resistant gloves

We hold WZQH in high regard thanks for its quality products with high-temperature resistance. The WZQH Extreme 932°F heat resistant grill & welding gloves is also the case. The most notable feature of the product is that it can bear the extreme temperature of up to 932°F (500°C). The welding gloves come with a 1.2mm soft and thick split authentic cowhide leather, coupled with a Kevlar stitching.

Therefore, they are resistant to heat, puncture, cut, oil, and so on. Plus, the palms and fingers of the gloves are also sewed with high-strength threads, thereby they are difficult to fall off. Besides, the gloves also have reinforced double leather stitching. That means they can do better in heat resistance, as well as flexibility, durability, and comfort.

WZQH Extreme 932°f Heat Resistant Grill & Welding Gloves

The WZQH gloves also have an extra 7.5-inch sleeve, so you can rest assured that your forearms will be protected from flames, sparks, steam, and so on.

Furthermore, while the middle layer of the welding gloves is laminated with a flame retardant cotton cloth and air-isolated aluminum foil with high-temperature resistance, the inner layer is made with a soft cotton liner, paired with a flame retardant suture. Therefore, the gloves can withstand extreme heat and cold as well as wick away sweat and moisture.

The only advantage of the gloves is that they just come with one size – 16 inches, which probably do not fit the hands of some welders.


  • Extreme heat resistance up to 932°F (500℃)
  • Superior protection for forearms and hand
  • High-strength sewing on palm and fingers


  • One size only

8 – West Chester 9041/L-AM – Best anti-abrasion gloves

The West Chester 9041/L-AM gloves are a great choice in anti-abrasion on the current market. There are wing thumb reinforcements in the gloves, hindering them from being worn away and help fit the hands of users.

They are made of select shoulder split cowskin leather, which delivers superior protection in extreme heat conditions.

Besides, the cowhide helps enhance the durability and puncture resistance of the gloves. Moreover, they come with an internal soft cotton liner that absorbs moisture and sweat, helping your hands remain dry and cool. The 14-inch length gives your forearms and hands protection against spatter and sparks.

Plus, these welding gloves also come with another layer of foam of the back and palm, providing further heat insulation.

West Chester 9041/L-AM

Another highlight of the gloves is that they feature Kevlar threading and Welted fingers, which helps the seams avoid the sparks as well. This is an excellent option for those who want to find a good pair of gloves at a budget price.

However, it is a bit stiff to use, so you can feel uncomfortable when wearing it for a long time.


  • Cotton and foam lining for enhanced heat resistance
  • Abrasion reduction
  • Good insulation against high temperature


  • Too stiff to use

9 – John Tillman and Co TIL50L – Best supportive gloves

These Tillman TIL50L brings a unique welding experience for users. They offer great support and a more effective grip in terms of pressure and effectiveness. Also, the gloves are made of premium grain leather, coupled with the reinforcements in the palm area. Therefore, when you need to hold something, the welding gloves will let you literally keep a tight grip on it.

John Tillman and Co TIL50L

Another notable feature of the gloves is their elastic forefinger and back, which enhances the movements and protection for your hands.

However, there is still one thing that the brand should improve for the gloves. And that is their inner lining. Some find it so annoying when the padding on the gloves comes apart easily.


  • Quality grain leather
  • Reinforcements in palm
  • Elastic forefinger and back


  • Inner lining quickly falls off

10 – US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather – Best protective gloves

The US Forge 400 is a great choice for hand protection. Though the welding gloves are a bit shorter than other gloves at 14 inches, they are incredibly comfortable and shield quite well. They are made of soft and supple grain leather, delivering comfort and dexterity in the long term.

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather

Also, the US Forge 400 welding gloves are designed to offer complete protection from the molten metal and ultraviolet rays. The gloves feature Kevlar exceptional stitching as well, which is durable and robust.

Plus, there is a layer of cotton lining inside the gloves, which helps enhance durability and comfort.

Moreover, frictional areas in fingers and palms are reinforced for users to have more durable grips and feel more comfortable during the welding process.


  • Strong stitching
  • Soft cotton lining interior
  • Long term comfort and dexterity


  • Only 14 inches long

Final Thoughts

We have shared the top 10 best welding gloves reviews. So, what do you think about the above-mentioned products? Have you decided to buy one of them yet?

Regardless of what your decision is, our advice is that you should choose a pair of welding gloves that can meet your requirements of comfort, dexterity, protection, and of course, budget.

Thank you for reading!

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