Best Scroll Saw Of 2021 Under $100, $200, $300, $500 – Reviews & Buying Guide

We know the market is full of many types of scroll saws. That’s why you will hardly avoid being confused when intending to buy one for your own.

Not to mention, you will also have to consider many factors like how much throat length you will need, tabletop tilt, blade, power speed, and so on.

It sounds a little bit complicated, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we will make everything easier for you. In today’s article, we will share the top 8 best scroll saw reviews, as well as useful information about scroll saws for your consideration.

This will somehow help you to determine which features of a scroll saw that you are looking for. Let’s get started!

What is Scroll Saw?

Theoretically, a scroll saw is an electric saw using a foot pedal for its operation. It features a reciprocating blade moving up and down for cuts. It is quite different from a band saw. Accordingly, it doesn’t use a continuous blade loop to cut, so it can be much nimbler and more flexible when cutting.

The most notable highlight of the product is its ability to cut from the material centre. You, for instance, can use a scroll saw to cut outward in the wood piece center. Besides, you can also remove the saw blade, so it is easy to insert it into a hole pre-drilled on the wood piece. Thanks to that, you can create great design without cuts from the edge.

How To Choose The Best Scroll Saw?

You obviously don’t want to buy a scroll saw that doesn’t meet your needs at all, right?

Well, to keep your regret at bay, you need to get what you look for in this product before making a purchase decision.

We have compiled some factors that you need to keep in mind when seeking a scroll saw.


When you want to buy any scroll saw, one of the essential things that you need to know is its blade.

Currently, there are two options of blades, including flat blades and pin-end blades.

A flat blade is not easy to change out, but it can work well in any tight space. Therefore, you can choose from an extensive range of projects.

In contrast, it is a piece of cake to a pin-head blade. However, you will not have many options in this kind of blade. Also, it can easily break on tight turns during cutting.

Though there are some scroll saws that can use both types of blades, they are undoubtedly expensive, which can surpass your budget. Therefore, you should consider choosing the blades wisely.

Blade tensioning

The scroll saw tensioning also plays a critical role in your performance in cutting materials. You will need to change the blade tensioning frequently, so the placement of the knob or lever of tensioning is a key.

Several scroll saws feature the lever at the rear. If you are a newbie of scrolling, you should avoid that as it could make everything hard for you when cutting.

Moreover, you should consider the materials you are going to work with. As the types of blades, the suitable tensioning can help you cut much more quickly.


Another feature that you need to think about when choosing scroll saws is its speed, which is determined by the stroke per minute.

Well, the most standard saw only has one mode of speed that ranges from 400 to 800 strokes per minute.

You also take note that the speed is related to the type of materials you cut as well. And your preference is no exception.

If you are lucky, you could buy a scroll saw with adjustable speeds that can meet your needs, but still in your budget.

Throat Size

Throat size is is the length between the blade back to the scroll saw rear. It is quite crucial as you can cut a big material when you get a long throat.

For recommendations, we suggest you use a 16-inch throat for the first time. This will allow you to work well with small pieces for concentration in detail.

Table Tilt

A scroll saw can boast a blade or table tilt for cuts at certain angles. Most saws have a left or right tilt, but some can have both.

Anyway, you still need to ensure it has a fixed angle. To do that, you should bring the material to the stores and do a test.

It sounds a bit weird, right?

However, it will help you avoid regrets after spending your money on a wrong product.


You, normally, need to think about your money when buying anything. Purchasing a scroll saw is also the case.

You can get an ideal scroll saw for about $200 to handle many projects you have. Or you can buy at a flea market or pawn shop for about $100 only.

However, you still should prefer the features of a scroll saw to the budget. This is because a quality saw can help you finish your work faster and better. Remember this!


Though you can do your projects with scroll saws with no extra features, they still help your work much easier.

Well, we must say one of the items that you should buy first is dust blowers. You know, scrolling can create little dust when cutting, but it still can make a mess, more or less.

With dust blowers, you can clear the area entirely so that you can work in safer and cleaner conditions.

Besides, you should consider work lights to assist you in seeing during your work. Nevertheless, if you have a room that is bright enough, definitely you will not need this.

Along with the above-mentioned adds-on, there are also many other extras that are available for you to buy to support your scrolling. However, you should keep in mind carefully about what you are actually looking for from them. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things!

Best Scroll Saw Reviews 2021

Scroll SawDimensionsWeightSpeed VoltagePowerEditor’s Rating
HF tools 16in24 x 11 x 14"25 lbs400-1,600 SPM--4.0/5
WEN 3921 16-inch26.4 x 13 x 14.8"25.9 lbs550-1600 SPM120V144W4.4/5
Shop Fox W171312.8 x 26.4 x 15.9"37.5 lbs550-1600 SPM110V1.2-amp4.0/5
ShopSeries RK731526 x 16 x 26"27.1 lbs500-1700 SPM120V1.2-amp4.1/5
BUCKTOOL 16-inch24.6 x 11 x 13.4"34.5 lbs550-1600 SPM120V1.2-amp4.4/5
Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In30 x 20 x 13"60 lbs400-1,750 SPM120V1.3 Amp4.4/5
DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch29.5 x 19.5 x 12.1"56 lbs400-1,750 SPM120V1.3 Amp4.6/5
Excalibur 16"27 x 15 x 17'54 lbs400-1,400 SPM120V156W4.5/5

Best Scroll Saw Under $100

1 – HF tools 16in Variable Speed Scroll Saw

HF tools 16in Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The HF tools Scroll Saw is one of the cheapest saws on the current market. So if you have a limited budget but still want to own a new-gen scroll saw for your projects, this product is for you.

In addition to its affordable price, what we are impressed with this unit is its balance between durability, performance, and versatility. If you just start scrolling, go for it now. The scroll saw is quite easy to use and user-friendly. It allows anyone to use it professionally.

You will find it great for your needs of cutting thanks to variable speeds. It functions at speed between 400 to 1,600 SPM, which makes it ideal for bigger and smaller tasks. A good saw can cut intricate designs as well as curves correctly. The saw is also sturdy due to the base of cast iron bringing less vibration.

Another highlighted feature is the pre-drilled hole of the saw, offering more effective bench mounting. And you will find it convenient to work in many spaces as it quite portable and lightweight.

Notably, the HF tools 93012 can use both flat and pinned blades, which is quite ideal for your homemade items. It also comes with a good blade and blade adapter, allowing it to cut accurately. It can cut wood pieces of 2 inches in thickness.

However, sometimes, the unit disconnected from its tension spring housed inside the cast iron arm. So they had to remove oil bushings to the arm. Also, its blade is said to have low quality.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Variable speed
  • Can handle most kinds of materials
  • Precise cutting experience


  • Lack of connection with tension spring
  • Poor-quality blade

2 – WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

WEN 3921, a successor to the 3920 model, is another choice in the list of the best scroll saw below $100. If you are demanding a scroll saw that can make your work much easier and simpler. The saw is right for you. We choose the WEN 3921 scroll saw as one of the worth-buying scroll saws around $100 due to its extraordinary features and enhanced functionality. You can find a flex light, tool-free blade change, air pump, and get a 400 – 1600 strokes per minute with a big table when buying this unit. These accessories are mostly available in expensive models, which makes the device an enticing choice for those with tight budget.

Another highlight of this machine that we highly evaluate is the speed adjustment. While it cannot outweigh other higher-end models, it is still ideal for intricate and small works. Notably, the scroll saw features a unique design that can accept blades in two different directions, allowing for the infinite ripping capability.

Nevertheless, the only drawback we see is the weight of the scroll saw. Though it has a cast iron base, the structure does not appear to be robust. When it is not mounted on something bolted down or specific, it can wobble around.

If this issue does not bother you at all, this unit is among the top go-to options that we highly recommended at this price range.


  • Extra-ordinary features
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Workable flex light
  • Variable speed adjustment


  • Low performance in construction

Best Scroll Saw Under $200

1 – Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The Shop Fox W1713 is specialized saw for finishing work. The machine is ideal for small and intricate cuts and other specific work.

We consider this unit among the best scroll saw under $200 for its variable speed adjustment, a robust, durable structure out of the cast iron, and extraordinary cutting capacity.

The Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw boasts a bunch of features, making it a top pick option. Also, it comes with a flexible work light that can assist you in seeing during working sessions, even in low-light environments.

And to reduce the dust released from your work on wood, the scroll saw has a dust port and dust blower.

We find that this unit can work well in cutting angles of 0-45 degrees. Another feature is its table tilt ability. Accordingly, the table is tilted by the use of tilt scale and lock knob. It can also create specific cuts much simple and easy thanks to this tilting ability.

The Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw also offers safe and easy blade changes. The product also works well with two different kinds of blades, including pin-end and flat ones, helping it cut through any materials.

However, this unit tends to bounce and vibrate at high speeds, which makes clean cuts much more difficult. Also though the scroll saw operates quite well, it seems to miss a critical feature for most users, which is the tilt function for creating beveled cuts.


  • Flexible work light
  • Dust blower, dust port
  • Affordable price


  • Bounce and vibrate at high speeds
  • Lack of tilt function for creating beveled cuts

2 – ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

ShopSeries RK7315 16" Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

The next name we want to mention is a product from the brand ShopSeries – the RK7315 scroll saw. What we appreciate this unit is its lightweight feature so that you can bring it to all your workshops.

The unit also offers you table flexibility of 0-45 degrees. Notably, we also highly evaluate its blade that can turn by 90 degrees. Besides, the ShopSeries RK7315 can create impressive cuts of 2.5-inch materials. The unit also gains points thanks for its variable speed control of 500 – 1700 strokes per minute. Therefore, you can use it for many projects.

The first problem of this scroll saw is that its blade needs resetting quite often as it goes out of the square continuously. We tried the saw and failed to readjust as well as snapped the blade bottom for the first time. Another thing that the saw needs improving is that the insert surrounding the blade is put much low for the table. Therefore, when using the unit, you will have to lift the pieces over the lip to make it move. This can cause much more extra vibration, so it becomes quite challenging to have a clear cut.


  • Lightweight
  • Blade can turn by 90 degrees
  • Variable speed control
  • Create 2.5-inch cuts


  • Out-of-square blade
  • Inserts surrounding the blade is put too low

3 – BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Well, if you want to buy a saw that does not create vibration when working, you should go for this model. Compared to the above scroll saws in the same price range, this unit has quite better performance in vibration reduction and stability.

Also, the device offers users the flexibility to work well with various kinds of materials. Another highlight of this saw that its blade holders ensure the blade long life. Not to mention, as it is equipped with a fixed LED, so it can deliver lighting without vibration.

Also, you won’t need to worry about the dust during the scrolling session thanks to the machine’s dust blower, which can blow in many directions.

Another notable feature of the machine is that its blade is varied in the range of 550 – 1650 strokes per minute. And with a throat depth of 16 inches, the unit can create cuts of 2 inches. We are also impressed with its hands-free convenience pedal switch design. We can stop and start it with the tap of the foot quickly when you need a newly drilled hole, change blades, and when an emergency happens.


  • Free vibration and good stability
  • Work well with many materials
  • Dust blower
  • Pedal switch design


  • None

Best Scroll Saw Around $300

1 – Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

In this category of the best scroll saw around $300, we suggest a name from Delta brand – The 40-694. We find it quite easy to deliver precise cuts. This is due to the electronic variable speeds of 400 – 1750 strokes per minute.

And with the throat length of 20 inches, the machine can cut mostly sturdy wood materials. However, when it comes to cut depth, you will need slightly more than standard at 2 1/6 inches.

The Delta 40-694 features a 1.3AMP motor so that you can have more power to cut more significant wood pieces. This choice is available in many saws, such as the DeWalt DW788.

Another notable thing about the unit is its good cast iron base, which is big enough for your demand. It can bevel 0-45 degrees on both sides, which is not common in all of the current scroll saws.

The base is stable when the switch and other features are still accessible, making you fully control your work.

However, one thing that may hinder you from buying it is its high price tag. And we find it difficult to assemble as well. So if these above issues do not bother you, go for it.


  • 45-degree tilt on both side
  • Variable speeds of 40 – 1750SPM
  • Little noise and vibration
  • 20-inch big throat
  • Good for big wood cutout


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to assemble

Best Scroll Saw Under $500

1 – DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw

DeWalt is a prestigious brand in the power tool market. They create high-quality products, and the DeWalt DW788 is no exception. Well, firstly, we are impressed with its blades that can be swapped out easily in seconds without tools. And the cut depth can range from 0.75 – 2 inches. Another highlight that we see in this product is that it can deliver cuts with little vibration. This is thanks to the robust cast iron structure and double parallel-link arm of the device.

You can also have more space to cut many different materials in sizes with the support of a 20-inch throat length. When the arm of the unit lifts, its blades will be threaded through your materials to reach cuts inside easily. In case you want a bevel, the table can tilt 45 degrees.

We also praised for its blade speeds of 400 – 1750 strokes per minute thanks to its 1.3-AMP motor.

And you can see, the price of this product is quite high, so it’s not surprising at all when the DeWalt DW788 named as one of the best scroll saws under $500.

Nevertheless, we did not highly evaluate the placement of the blade. It was not centered on the cutouts. So were the blade bent slightly, it would begin removing materials from the tabletop.


  • Little noise and vibration
  • 45-degree table tilt
  • Easy threading of cuts insides since arm lifts
  • Blade changes without tools in seconds


  • Expensive
  • Blade isn’t centered in the cutout

2 – Excalibur 16″ Tilting Head Scroll Saw

Excalibur 16" Tilting Head Scroll Saw

Last up on today’s reviews is the Excalibur Ex-16 scroll saw. It is a versatile tool for various applications. Similar to many machines table tilt, the device features a special blade heat tilting 45 degrees right and 30 degrees left, which lets you keep the materials stable during the scrolling process. This can help enhance control and accuracy while delivering 2-inch cutouts. Another thing we are impressed with this unit is that it features a blade guard assembly to protect the hands of users from incidents with the blade.

The Ex-16 also notably has a variable speed of 400 – 1400 strokes per minutes, so that you can handle an extensive range of materials and tasks. Moreover, the magnet motor also offers incredible speed as well as tension adjustments. We find that the precision in the scroll saw is controlled easily by the speed knobs put in the front.

One of the advantages of the machine is the cast iron construction that helps reduce vibration during the tasks. Thereby, you can create more accurate cutouts.

And you will not worry about dirty workplace thanks to its Flexi-shaft dust blower. For big work tables, the ability to clear with a dust blower is another plus point of the Excalibur 16-inch scroll saw.

While you will have many reasons to choose this machine, there are also some drawbacks that it possesses. While the saw of the machine is cast iron made, the table appears to be less durable and not resistant to scratch. Though it isn’t a big deal, it still needs to be mentioned. Another downfall to this scroll saw is the holes on its table. Well, light work can clog up the holes, making for more work in cleaning.


  • Special tilting head
  • Variable speed control
  • Cutting depth of 2 inches


  • Table is not resistant to scratch and durable
  • More work in cleaning due to holes in the table

Final Thoughts

We have just shared our top 8 best scroll saw reviews and some useful information you need to know when buying a scroll saw.

Generally, you can choose a suitable scroll saw based on your price range or your preference. As you may know, each option has its pros and cons. That’s why you should consider the features carefully before making a buying decision. This will help you stay away from disappointment when using a wrong scroll saw.

By the way, if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for reading.

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