Best Portable Air Compressor Of 2021 Under $100, $200, $300, $500 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Having a portable air compressor at home is convenient.

No one denies it!

However, not many know how to make smart investments with their budget. A lot of people we know just go outside and pick up the most expensive product that they can afford. They eventually waste lots of money in the long run.

Don’t be one of them. Equip yourself with essential knowledge by reading our best portable air compressor reviews below.

Read on!

What Is Portable Air Compressor?

Isn’t it obvious?

A portable air compressor works to supply compressed air for running heavy tools at building and construction sites. It is powered by a diesel engine, making it portable and flexible at the workplace. That explains why it is used as a backup device for stationary compressors in factories.

Some special portable air compressors are designed to inflate car tires. Many car owners have one at home to have their cars inflated quickly without going to any stations. As said above, it is incredibly convenient!

Different Types Of Portable Air Compressor

Based on different criteria, we can classify portable air compressors into many categories.

For example, regarding the power source, there are two main kinds of air compressors, namely electric and gas-powered.

We will dig into four types of portable air compressors based on their design below.

Pancake Compressors

This type of portable air compressors are lightweight and compact, featuring a low profile design. It comes with a small tank with a volume of 1 to 6 gallons. A big advantage of pancake compressors are they require little maintenance, which saves you lots of hassles in the long run.

A pancake compressor has limited power and capacity; therefore, it is not suitable for running huge pneumatic tools. Instead, it handles small and medium repairs and tire inflation well.

Hot-dog Compressors

Hot-dog compressors are the favorite picks of most hobbyists as they can run small air tools. They are slightly heavier and boast bigger tanks than its pancake counterpart. Still, it requires low maintenance.

However, due to the added weight, you cannot expect maximum portability from a hot-dog compressor. We advise you to buy one with carrying handle or any similar accessory to help ease the task of moving the machine around your workplace. Another minus point must be the loud noise it makes during operation.

Twin-stack Compressors

Twin-stack compressors are mostly similar to the standard hot-dog ones, except for the fact that twin-stack feature two tanks on top of each other. That explains the name ‘twin-stack’.

It is apparent that two tanks have higher volume than a single one, so we can tell that twin-stack compressors are more powerful than hot-dog devices. You can use them for running brad guns and trim work.

Twin-stack devices are heavyweight (some can weigh up to 70lbs!), but they still facilitate portability. You might find relocation a bit easier with the accessories provided by the manufacturer.

Pontoon Compressors

This kind of portable air compressors is named after pontoon boats owing to their similar look. It features two tanks running horizontally along the width of the device, which offer the same benefits as twin-stack tools.

Wheelbarrow Compressors

Wheelbarrow and pontoon compressors are basically the same, but the former has their two tanks located along the length rather than the width like the latter. Of four kinds mentioned above, this is the most powerful and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Of course, such a mighty device is heavyweight. A wheelbarrow air compressor can weigh up to 300lbs.

How To Choose The Best Portable Air Compressor

There are a handful of factors that you need to consider before jumping to buy the best portable air compressor. Keep it in mind that you should pick the most suitable device for your purposes, not the most expensive one.

Power Source

A portable air compressor either runs on gas or electricity. Gas-powered models offer more power compared to its electric counterparts, but they generate loud noise during operation. That is not to mention it gives off harmful emissions into the environment.

Electric air compressors are not perfect, either. Although they run quietly and let out no emissions, they need a power outlet to work. In other words, your workplace might be restricted to the area within the reach of their power cord. Also, don’t underestimate the risks of electrical shocks.

Technical Ratings

When you read the product description of a portable air compressor, you may come across a lot of technical terms like horsepower, PSI, cubic feet per minute.

What are they and what do they do?

Simply put, technical ratings are there to indicate the performance of a specific product.

Let’s talk about horsepower and PSI first as most people are confused with these two.

Horsepower is the one to decide how much pressure your air compressor will output, while PSI, also known as the maximum pressure per square inch, directly affects the overall performance of the air tools.

The more horsepower, the higher PSI rating. And the more PSI, the better your pneumatic tools will perform.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) refers to how much air is outputted by your compressor. Low flow rates of under 2 CFM are enough to power small air tools working in short bursts and inflating car tires. Meanwhile, higher flow rates of 2.5 CFM are good for powering air tools continuously.

Three ratings above are related to each other, so you don’t have to consider all of them to make a decision. As for us, we usually look at the PSI only. A compressor rated 90 PSI is able to run most air tools in your garage. If you have heavy-duty jobs to finish, you can opt for a device with higher ratings.

Special Features

Aside from the core engine, a portable air compressor may come with special features to enhance its performance. For example, some machines have connection points allowing multiple air tools to work at a time.

There are other useful features as well, such as self-oiling, adjustable functions, etc. Bear in mind that the more bells and whistles a product offers, the higher it is priced.

Additional Features

The role of additional features is to improve your experience with the compressor. They might be additional cord, extra nozzles, or a digital display that allows for ease of use.


You are buying a portable air compressor, so you definitely want it to be fully portable.

Generally, small and lightweight compressors are more portable but less powerful. If you do not want to sacrifice power, look for added features that support portability. For example, choose a product with a carry handle, or a wheel-and-pulley system.

It depends on your situation to decide which is the best feature for portability. Take your time to consider!


Air compressors are not something you buy every day. It is a significant purchase that probably costs you a fortune, so make sure you buy a durable product. All-metal construction is the best, but if you cannot afford such a model, you can look for cheaper options which use metal in important places, for example, the tank and the regulators.


Many manufacturers cover their products with warranties, which ranges from less than a year to three years and even more. The warranty will make you more confident in buying and using the air compressor.

However, check the policies carefully to avoid voiding the warranty by mistake. Also, make sure you buy the device from an authorized seller.

Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews 2021

Portable Air CompressorTankPSIVoltageNoiseDimensionsWeightEditor’s Rating
EPAuto 12V DC-70 PSI12V-13.5 x 8.1 x 5.6"3.81 lbs4.5/5
Kensun 12V DC - 110V AC-90 PSI120V 12V-11.8 x 4.3 x 6.7"5 lbs4.5/5
DEWALT DCC020IB-160 PSI120V 12V-10.5 x 7.7 x 2.2"2.94 lbs4.8/5
BOSTITCH BTFP020126 Gal150 PSI120V78.5 dBA17 x 17 x 19.2"31 lbs4.6/5
Porter-Cable C20026 Gal150 PSI120V-19 x 19 x 18"31.3 lbs4.4/5
CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K6 Gal150 PSI120V71 dBA16.5 x 16.5 x 17.9"30 lbs4.6/5
DEWALT DWFP551266 Gal165 PSI120V75.5 dBA17.2 x 16.6 x 20.1"32.2 lbs4.2/5
California Air Tools 80108 Gal2.2 CFM
90 PSI
110V60 dBA24 x 13 x 21.9"37.2 lbs4.6/5
Briggs & Stratton 074045-004.5 Gal2.4 CFM
90 PSI
120V70dB20 x 17 x 23"61 lbs4.2/5
DEWALT DCC2560T12.5 Gal135 PSI60V 120V-15 x 12 x 18"21.5 lbs4.4/5
Makita MAC7002.6 Gal130 PSI120V80 dBA18 x 22 x 10"52 lbs4.6/5
Campbell Hausfeld DC0805008 Gal125 PSI120V68 dBA11 x 23 x 26"67 lbs4.2/5
Makita MAC52005.2 Gal140 PSI120V-29 x 19.5 x 19"88 lbs4.5/5
DEWALT D551464.5 Gal225 PSI120V78 dBA33.5 x 44.8 x 24.5"80 lbs4.3/5
GX Portable PCP Air Compressor-4500 PSI110V 12V75 dBA8.5 x 4.9 x 9.6"14.7 lbs4.4/5

Best Portable Air Compressor Under $100

1 – EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor – Air Compressor Under $50

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor

The very first name on our list today is a product of EPAuto. It is arguably one of the top rated air compressors with a lot of useful features.

We absolutely love how easy it is to use this EPAuto 12V air compressor. To inflate your tires, just plug it in your cigarette lighter, set the pressure, turn it on and you are good to go!

The machine features a built-in pressure gauge, which will show you the PSI of your tire as soon as you plug in the device. When you inflate the tire, it will also update the PSI until it reaches the desired pressure you set before.

The best thing about this product is probably the auto shutoff technology. Once the compressor gets to the desired pressure, it will stop pumping air into your tire to avoid over-inflation. At the same time, the manufacturer also introduced the overheating protection, which shuts off the unit as soon as the temperature reaches 167 Fahrenheit degrees.

There are other cool features to enhance your experience, such as the LED digital display and the LED flashlight. The digital display makes it convenient to check the pressure of your tires in four different units, namely KPA, KG/CM, BAR, and PSI. Meanwhile, the flashlight located at the front will come in handy when you need to work in dim-lighting environments.

This EPAuto portable air compressor will inflate not only car tires but also other inflatables thanks to three nozzles adapters included. However, it does not support truck tires.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight, compact and user-friendly
  • Auto shut-off technology


  • Not for truck tires
  • The LED flashlight is always on

2 – Kensun 12V DC – 110V AC Digital Tire Inflator

Kensun 12V DC - 110V AC Digital Tire Inflator

Kensun is a trusted name in the industry for manufacturing top-quality accessories for automobiles. This digital tire inflator is a prime example.

The whole thing weighs only 5 pounds, rendering it the best small portable air compressor. Kensun AC/DC Digital Portable Air Compressor Pump even comes included with a case for storage.

This machine outputs a maximum pressure of 90 PSI, which is enough to inflate car tires and many other inflatables. More interestingly, it is capable of running continuously at 35 PSI for about 30 minutes.

Flexibility is what we highly appreciate of this product. It comes with two plugs, an AC to use at home and a DC to use with your car’s power outlet. That way, you can use this air compressor virtually anywhere!

Like the EPAuto inflator, this Kensun model is equipped with a number of additional features. There is a LED light at the front, allowing you to work comfortably in the dark. The digital built-in gauge is easy to read and provides a unit conversion to avoid confusion.

You can also program this inflator to shut off automatically once it reaches the pressure you have set. This is useful, but quite annoying sometimes as you have to press the small buttons many times until you get to the desired pressure.

On the flip side, we are a bit disappointed with the short hose, which measures only 60 cm. We could hardly pump up the tires in a comfortable position.


  • Decent pressure for size
  • Great flexibility with two plugs
  • LED light and digital gauge


  • Short hose
  • Small storage case

3 – DEWALT DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator

DEWALT DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator

You must have heard of DEWALT at least once. It is a well-established brand for decades, and its products earn tons of positive reviews from customers. Let’s see what this cordless inflator DEWALT DCC020IB got to offer.

The inflator is made of sturdy materials that give the whole thing a good feel on the surface. It will probably survive intact even if you accidentally drop it on the ground (don’t feel tempted to try!). There is a handle on top for you to carry it around with ease. What we love is the generous space below the handle, which allows easy movement if you have gloves on.

The manufacturer had usability in mind when designing this product. They equipped it with two separate LCD monitors, one showing the progress of the tool while working and the other displaying the desired PSI.

You can set the PSI by rotating the control wheel that is large and easy to use. The maximum pressure is 160.

Like other modern portable compressors, this model boasts an auto-stop feature. Just set the pressure you want, go for a tea break and the task will be done when you come back.

For maximum flexibility, the DEWALT DCC020IB inflator can be either corded or cordless. You can operate it with 20V battery, 12V DC adaptor or 110V AC plug. Note that only the adaptor is included in the purchase. You need to buy the battery or the AC plug separately; however, the battery is enough in most cases.

On the whole, we think this deserves to be the best budget air compressor.


  • Sturdy build that will last
  • Two LCD monitors for easy viewing
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • No battery or AC plug included
  • No snap-on connector

4 – BOSTITCH BTFP02012 Pancake Air Compressor

BOSTITCH BTFP02012 Pancake Air Compressor

We would love to introduce you to one of the best portable air compressors under $100 in the market – the BOSTITCH BTFP02012. It is widely used and loved by customers worldwide.

First off, take a look at the technical ratings. This product can deliver 2.6 SCFM*90 PSI, while the maximum pressure inside the 6-gallon tank is 150 PSI. It gets the tank refilled super-fast, within 25 seconds only.

We will make it simple for you. All these figures indicate that the BOSTITCH compressor can run different small and medium air drain tools such as nailers, impact wrenches, staplers, etc. The whole thing recovers fast, so you don’t have to wait for a long time until the tank is full again.

The engine is oil-free, making the machine maintenance-free. Plus, there is a high-efficiency motor, allowing the compressor to start easily even in low temperatures. The motor does produce noise, but within acceptable levels of about 78.5 decibels. For your information, the pain threshold for sound in humans is 120 decibels.

On the upper side, you will find two gauges, one showing the PSI input and the other displaying the output. There is a button to start/ stop the machine, as well as a regulator knob designed to adjust the pressure delivered to the air tool. The compressor even comes with two couplers, allowing two tools to be attached at the same time.

To top all the goodies off, the thing is backed by a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • High-efficiency motor
  • Double high-flow couplers
  • Maintenance-free pump


  • A bit noisy
  • No additional accessories included

5 – PORTER-CABLE C2002 Pancake Compressor

PORTER-CABLE C2002 Pancake Compressor

This PORTER-CABLE C2002 is similar to the BOSTITCH BTFP02012 above in most ways. It features a 6-gallon pancake-style tank with the maximum pressure of 150 PSI while delivering 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. Also, the compressor comes with an oil-free pump to make maintenance a breeze for users.

However, the whole thing is less heavy than its competitor. It weighs around 30 pounds, which will not break your back when you have to carry it for a while.

This portable air compressor runs on a low-amp 120V motor. Therefore, it works well in most weather conditions. No worries about the machine shutting off in low temps!

One unique thing about this PORTER-CABLE C2002 model is it boasts a dual outlet system, allowing users to run two air tools at the same time. Feel free to power two nailers simultaneously for framing or carpentry applications.

The automatic switch is there to shut off the entire unit once it gets to the pressure you have set. Alongside the switch is a safety valve intended to prevent pressure build-up inside the tank. To be specific, it will let out the air from the tank as soon as the setting is achieve.

To improve the overall durability, the manufacturer equipped its product with a water drain valve and rubber feet.

Of course, this model is not flawlessly perfect. It runs quite noisy than you expect, and the accessories kit might disappoint any serious users.


  • Oil-free pump for little maintenance
  • Dual outlet system
  • Low-amp 120V motor


  • Noisy operation

Best Portable Air Compressor Under $200

1 – CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K Air Compressor

CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K Air Compressor

This CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K portable air compressor is a must-have in your garage. Why so? Let’s discover with us.

There are few differences between this model and the PORTER-CABLE as well as the BOSTITCH compressor above. It has a 6-gallon tank of pancake style, which is quick to recover and allows long runtime. Therefore, it is ideal for running small pneumatic tools and inflating tires.

This machine delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI, and the maximum PSI is 150. This is the cut-in pressure that can handle various applications on the jobsite.

The best thing about this CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K air compressor is the 13-piece accessory kit included in the purchase. The kit has 25’x1/4 inches PVC air hose with plug and coupler, bow glun, tire chuck, rubber tip, tire gauge, blow gun with nozzle, and three inflator adaptors. That is a real bargain that you would not find anywhere else!

The manufacturer covered this product with a 1-year limited warranty. If you have any problems, just contact the customer service for advice.


  • Oil-free pump for maintenance-free operation
  • Long runtime and quick recovery
  • 13-piece accessory kit


  • The features are the same as those lower-priced models

2 – DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Air Compressor

DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Air Compressor

Another portable air compressor by DEWALT! But this time, it comes with more bells and whistles, and of course, a higher price.

This DEWALT DWFP55126 has a 6-gallon tank that will deliver 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. Meanwhile, the maximum pressure goes up to 165 PSI, which is higher than its CRAFTSMAN counterpart. Such a pressure enables it to inflate some kinds of truck types – an ability that other previous products don’t offer.

It runs on a high-efficiency motor that will start up quickly even in cold weather conditions.

What gives DEWALT DWFP55126 an edge over other competitors is the quiet operation. It manages to keep the noise level at 75.5 decibels to keep a quiet work setting. You can use the compressor freely without worrying about it disturbing the lives of your neighbors.

There are extra features to enhance the performance of this product. For example, it comes with 2 universal couplers to support two tools at a time. The manufacturer goes so far to provide a cord wrap for easy storage.

The compressor is maintenance-free, but you still need to take good care of it if you want the thing to last. Two features you can rely on are the ball drain valve and the protective rubber leg.


  • High maximum pressure of 165 PSI
  • Quiet operation
  • Protective features included


  • Not for machinery tires
  • Inaccurate regulator

3 – California Air Tools 8010

California Air Tools 8010

At first glance, the California Air Tools 8010 looks incredibly elegant with sleek silver finish. Few can resist the temptation to bring home such a stylish air compressor.

However, what matters most is not look, but performance. And luckily, this product does not let us down in that field.

The 8010 is considered one of the quietest air compressors on the market. In particular, it produces only 60 decibels during operation, much lower than most models with the same power.

It features an 8-gallon tank and a powerful 1 HP motor, both of which allow the thing to run most pneumatic tools on the jobsite. However, the maximum PSI is a bit low. We expect it to be higher, but the rating indicates only 120 PSI. That said, the machine is suitable for medium tasks and semi-professional applications.

Like other best portable air compressors under $200 on the list, it comes with an oil-free dual piston pump system. Hence, it requires little maintenance over its entire lifespan.

Being a corded-electric compressor, the California Air Tools 8010 can only work around a power outlet. Having a cable around is a nuisance sometimes, as you might trip over it if being careless.


  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful high-efficiency motor
  • Oil-free dual piston pump


  • Some don’t like working with a cable
  • The maximum pressure is limited

4 – Briggs & Stratton 074045-00 Air Compressor

Briggs & Stratton 074045-00 Air Compressor

Another astonishingly quiet air compressor: the Briggs & Stratton 074045-00. It only produces 54 decibels while working, giving you a noise-free atmosphere. Even the ultra-quiet California Air Tools 8010 above is slightly louder.

Despite the heavy weight of 61 lbs, it is not bulky at all, and you can move it around with ease using the handle. The wheels add to its portability, which make it like a drag-along suitcase. However, loading and storage will be more challenging.

The tank size is 4.5 gallons, whereas the motor produces 1 HP. This air compressor provides 2.4 CFM at 90 PSI and 3.3 CFM at 40 PSI. It can max out the pressure in the tank up to 125 PSI.

Another advantages of this Briggs & Stratton air compressor is the storage bin. It is really convenient for keeping pipes and tools onboard for hassle-free transportation.

On top of the machine, you can see two pressure gauges, one for the tank and the other for the running tool. Between two gauges, there is a large knob to control the pressure, which is indeed easy to use.

We also appreciate that the product does not require high amperage to start. Therefore, you can manage to turn it on even in low temperatures.

Last but not least, this Briggs & Stratton compressor is backed with a 1-year limited warranty. You will feel more confident in buying and using the product given this warranty.


  • Astonishingly quiet operation
  • Collapsible handle and wheels
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Limited maximum pressure
  • No accessories

Best Portable Air Compressor Under $300

1 – DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT Cordless Air Compressor Kit

DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT Cordless Air Compressor Kit

DEWALT is a top-notch brand, so don’t be taken aback when we have another air compressor of the brand here.

As usual, we will look at the technical ratings first. DEWALT DCC2560T1 model has a 2.5-gallon tank with 135 PSI maximum pressure. The brushless motor produces 1.2 SCFM at 90 PSI. These ratings make it ideal for all your trim and finish applications.

This model is cordless, so you can operate it anywhere you like, with or without a power source nearby. It is incredibly lightweight and compact (around 21.5 lbs), making transportation no sweat.

We also appreciate the roll cage of this unit. Such a construction will keep the thing in place during operation as well as protect it against damages in the long run.

As in the label, this is an air compressor kit. Alongside the compressor itself, you will receive a Lithium-ion battery, a 1x fast charger, and a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Heavy-duty, oil-free pump
  • Roll-cage construction


  • Loud operation
  • Quite small tank

2 – Makita MAC700 Electric Air Compressor

Makita MAC700 Electric Air Compressor

The Makita MAC700 has a lot of outstanding features that set it apart from other competitors on the market. It is undoubtedly a beast on the construction site with the powerful 2 HP 4-pole motor.

What makes Makita MAC700 one of the best portable air compressors under $300 must be the big bore piston and the cast-iron pump. Simply put, the big bore piston needs fewer strokes to compress the same amount of air compared to smaller one. This leads to lower RPM, meaning lower noise and less damage to the pump.

To be specific, this mighty compressor operates at only 1720 RPM. It generates a noise level of around 80 decibels during operation. You might find this noisy, but it is acceptable given the power this machine offers.

The cast-iron pump and cylinder also add to the overall durability. That said, this MAKITA can withstand the test of time and extended use. Note that the pump is oil lubricated, so you need to change the oil regularly.

Other great features include the large air filter and the ball valve. The air filter will avoid damaging the pneumatic tools the compressor is running, while the ball valve is used to drain the 2.6-gallon tank. Plus, there is a thermal overload to avoid overheating.

The product is lighter than we expect, only around 52 lbs. To make it more maneuverable, the manufacturer equipped it with a roll bar and a soft grip handle.


  • Amazing power of 2 HP (running at 1.7 HP)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Big bore piston and cast-iron pump


  • Oil change required
  • Quite small tank of 2.6 gallons

3 – Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 Portable Quiet Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 Portable Quiet Air Compressor

This Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 air compressor is great for a wide array of projects from inflating, stapling, nailing to hobby painting. It boasts an 8-gallon tank that provides long runtime and fast recovery. The power is quoted at 3.7 CFM at 90 PSI, which is higher than most models in the same range.

It claims to be 50% quieter than comparable compressors, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. In particular, its operating noise is only 68 decibels – an awesome number considering its power.

What we absolutely love is this model features an oil-free dual piston pump. Oil-free means maintenance-free! You will never have to change the oil or lubricate the pump.

This Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 weighs around 67 lbs. It is indeed heavyweight, but it does not necessarily mean that you cannot manage to relocate the thing as you want. In contrast, you will find transporting the unit no sweat, thanks to the large wheels and the rubber steel handle.

The maximum pressure of 125 PSI is rather limited, which might put you off the intention of purchasing this Campbell Hausfeld model. Still, we think this is a minor drawback that will not ruin your experience with such a brilliant compressor.


  • Quiet operation
  • Extensive tank of 8 gallons
  • Oil-free dual piston pump


  • Limited maximum pressure
  • No instructions included

Best Portable Air Compressor Under $500

1 – Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

This Makita MAC5200 is sold at the best price on air compressors. It is a monster on the working field that any mechanic wishes to have.

The first thing to praise is the powerful 3.0 HP motor that produces 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI. Needless to say, your productivity will be increased significantly. Coupled with the cast-iron pump and Big Bore cylinder, the whole thing offers super-fast recovery time and better overall performance. It is arguably the best air compressor for air tools on the market.

The cast-iron cylinder plays a role in reducing wear to the pump and increasing its lifespan. It is totally removable for easy maintenance.

The pump is not oil-free, so you need to change the oil often. However, the oil lubrication brings about a number of benefits. To be specific, it helps the compressor to run cooler and dissipate heat more efficiently.

One of the coolest features is probably the built-in storage compartment, which you can use to store air fittings and accessories. When you need to transport it to another area, just put all the accessories onboard, unfold the handle and pull it forward. The wheels will give you lots of support at that time.

Once you purchase this portable air compressor, you will be covered with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Mighty power and amazing performance
  • Built-in storage compartment
  • Folding handle and wheels for portability


  • Not oil-free pump
  • Loud noise during operation

2 – DEWALT D55146 Air Compressor 225-PSI Max

DEWALT D55146 Air Compressor 225-PSI Max

The DEWALT D55146 has everything you expect in the best portable air compressors under $500. It is powerful, portable, and durable at the same time.

DEWALT packed this product with a high-efficiency motor and pump, which will improve your productivity to a great extent. The motor producing 1.8 HP draws 15 amperage to start. To avoid short circuit or power surge, it is equipped with the slow-blow glass fuse.

A good news is that the pump is oil-free, eliminating the need of checking and changing the oil periodically. Also, it avoids making a mess in your jobsite with oil drops.

Unlike other pancake compressors, this unit comes with a 4.5-gallon hot-dog tank with a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. The tank recovers quickly in only 22 seconds. Hence, the compressor is highly favored on the jobsite.

A significant drawback of this DEWALT D55146 is its weight. At around 83 pounds, it is not something you want to lift off and carry to many places. Fortunately, DEWALT made up for this con by providing a handle and pneumatic tires. The tires are rough and can travel across uneven terrains effortlessly.

DEWALT stands behind its product by providing a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful high-efficiency motor
  • Oil-free pump
  • Pneumatic tires and handle


  • Quite heavyweight
  • Not stable in the upright position

3 – GX Portable PCP Air Compressor

GX Portable PCP Air Compressor

The last candidate on our list is the top rated GX portable air compressor. Don’t skip it, as you will never know how excellent this machine is.

It really amazes us with its power and inflating speed. In particular, the thing can provide up to 250W. The inflation pressure can reach 4500 PSI/ 300 Bar, whereas the speed can get up to 2700R/ minute, making it the highest PSI air compressor. All of these ratings indicate this is a high-performance tool that will meet nearly all your needs on the jobsite.

Many might be interested in the fact that the pump is oil-free and water-free. No need for oil lubrication or external water to cool down the unit. Instead, GX uses the built-in fan cooling to avoid overheating.

This electric 12V compressor is designed for tools with less than 60 cubic inch tank, such as diving bottle, PCP airgun rifles, paintball, etc. Don’t attempt to inflate over 1L tank or else the machine will be damaged.

Note that this version does not have the auto-stop feature, so you need to shut it off manually once it reaches the desired pressure. It is a bit inconvenient since you have to constantly keep an eye on the compressor.


  • Lightweight and compact (only 14.77 pounds)
  • Super-fast inflation speed
  • Oil-free, water-free with built-in fan


  • No auto-shut off feature
  • No 12V home inverter included


Our best portable air compressor reviews should give you a hint on which product to bring home, regardless of your demands and budgets. If you are not sure, read the buying guide once again to make a wise decision.

Any questions about the topic? Leave it here so we can help you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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