The 10 best gardening tools you can find

Gardening can be a rewarding hobby. It provides an opportunity to spend time outdoors in the fresh air, enjoying nature and getting exercise. But just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it has to be easy! There are many tools that will make your gardening easier, which is why we’ve compiled this list of what we think are the 10 best gardening tools you can find on Amazon. Happy planting!


The 10 best gardening tools you can find

1. Planters

The first on our list of the 10 best gardening tools you can find are planters. Planters come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They allow you to plant flowers or other plants directly into them instead of buying multiple pots or containers for each different type of plant or even just one particular flower. If you’re running low on space, planters can also be stored away more easily than larger containers like wood ore plastic barrels big enough to grow full-sized trees in.

2. Gloves

No matter how careful you try to be when working with your hands, getting cut is inevitable; it’s not worth taking the risk! However, by wearing gardening gloves , scarring up your hands is no longer a worry. If you’re worried about scratchy branches, gloves can also protect your hands from sharp thorns and other harmful objects.

3. Hand tools

In addition to gloves, hand tools can make a huge difference when it comes to gardening! You’ll need things like shovels, rakes and other digging tools for helping with planting , weeding and general yard clean up. A lawnmower isn’t technically a gardening tool, but it does come in handy if you have a lawn or garden that needs maintaining!

4. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a great investment for any gardener who wants to be able to transport large amounts of dirt or mulch without having to do so by hand . They are extremely lightweight, making them incredibly easy to maneuver, and can hold up to 450 pounds at a time!

5. Pruners

Pruned plants are healthier, more attractive , and will live longer than those that are not kept pruned. When cutting the stems of flowers or shrubs, it is important to always use sterilized tools , otherwise you may transfer old bacteria on to your new plant. Fortunately, pruners are inexpensive and easy to find, so there’s no reason not to have them around!

6. Hose

In an age where smartphones can even text us the weather, why would you ever need a hose? Because it’s not always raining when you want to water your plants. A good garden hose should be long enough to allow for a range of motion while watering , and durable enough that it won’t burst or crack if accidentally stepped on.

7. Soil pH Meter

Soil pH meters are used by many experienced gardeners to help them ensure their soil is at optimal levels of acidity . For new gardeners, they’re also a great way to learn more about how helpful micro-organisms in soil can be for plant growth, as well as the dangers of over-fertilization which could cause toxic green algae.

8. Watering Can

Watering cans help gardeners distribute water evenly; preventing puddles or damp spots in the dirt that could prevent certain plants from growing to their full potential. Some watering cans are even fitted with various spray nozzles if you want to be able to use it like a hose! It’s also fairly inexpensive, making it an essential purchase for any gardener.

9. Trowel

A trowel is a small gardening tool designed specifically to dig little planting holes and transplanting seedlings . It can’t do much else, but there’s really no reason not to have one nearby when working in your yard! Plus they’re easy to find at pretty much any store that sells gardening tools.

10. Calibrated Wheelbarrow Weights

These weights are used to test whether your wheelbarrow is unbalanced or unready for heavy materials. If you put 50 pounds of sand in a wheelbarrow and push it around, it should feel like much less than 100 pounds once you’ve finished walking with it! If there’s too much weight on one side, the wheelbarrow may tip over or lose balance while being carried, which could lead to injury or damage to your yard or garden. The calibration center can ensure that all of the weights are correctly balanced ; preventing any accidents before they happen.
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